Printable Chemical Elements Word Search

Are you trying to get kids interested in science? It sure can be a chore. But it all depends on the delivery. Fuse facts and fun! We have a chemical elements word search here that’s sure to help. Kids may not be familiar with many of these words. Help them to remember by challenging them with a puzzle.

If you’re teaching a class about the chemical elements, download a copy of this word search, to help the class retain their newfound knowledge.

The Science Of Chemical Elements

Hydrogen is number 1! The top hit of the universe. All other elements started life as Hydrogen. And it makes up 99% of known matter. Explosive reactions in the hearts of stars fuse Hydrogen atoms together. This is what makes all the other elements.

Elements appear in gas, liquid and solid form. Some are harmless, and some are not. Some are incredibly important for life as we know it to exist at all.

The chemical elements are fascinating. Tell the kids we’re all made of stardust – and from explosions bigger than any Hollywood blockbuster could ever dream of! That might just grab their attention.

Chemical Elements Word Search

This free printable resource actually contains two word searches (and an answer sheet – for those hard-to-find words).

The words can appear horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Words may also overlap with other words. Each word search contains 20 chemical elements to find. Some are commonly known, like Carbon. Others, such as Oganesson, are less well known.

These word searches are perfect as additional resources for kids already learning about the periodic table. Having them search for unfamiliar terms can also help increase their concentration.

Try completing the word search after talking through the properties of an element (Is it a gas? A metal? Radioactive?). While they’re concentrating on finding a word, they’ll also (hopefully!) practice recalling information.

Benefits of Completing Word Searches

Word searches actually have a range of benefits. They help:

  • With word and pattern recognition
  • Develop context awareness or topic-word association
  • Practice vocabulary
  • Practice spelling (especially if it’s uncommon words)
  • Develop concentration

You can also use word searches for friendly, yet educational, competition. For example, the first child to successfully complete their word search gets a prize of some sort.

Other Word Activities

The printable chemical elements word search is part of a series of word searches by Just Family Fun. They give kids the chance to concentrate on new topic-specific words. The more they concentrate, the more chance there is of them processing – and remembering – the words.

Check out our other activities. There are some word-based worksheets for reading, writing and spelling practice. There are also topic-specific worksheets to complement other educational resources.

We hope you and the kids enjoy learning about the wonders of the chemical elements and the periodic table. Don’t forget to print yourself off a copy of the answers, just in case that last tricky word has you stumped too!

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