Kid’s Behavior Chart Templates

Do you have a “terrible two” at home? Are you struggling to motivate good manners and a sense of responsibility in your toddler? Does it seem like you hardly ever make it through a day without a tantrum or the likes? Just Family Fun has you covered!

You can download our free, printable behavior chart template to help manage bad behavior and encourage better habits in your children no matter their age! Instead of punishments for bad behavior, your child will earn praise and love for their growth. Our colorful chart and just a little positivity can make all the difference in learning appropriate and safe behavior!

Behavior Chart Template

What’s Included With Our Kids Behavior Chart Templates

Just Family Fun’s kids behavior chart template comes in three color varieties to suit each of your children’s preferences. There are five behaviors to perfect three times every day for an entire week, including be polite, be kind, no shouting, ask first, and listen.

Each chart has a blank space at the bottom where you and your child can decide on a reward they will earn if they successfully achieve all of their behavior goals!

How to Use Our Behavior Charts:

  1. Download and print your favorite behavior chart from our selection above.
    Tip: we recommend printing your child’s behavior chart in full color for the best effects!

  2. Promise your child a reward for completing all of their behavior goals by writing it on the bottom of the chart. Read our recommendations below for reward ideas!

  3. Paste your behavior chart on the fridge, bathroom mirror, coffee table, or other common space at home where the whole family can find and review it.

  4. Each time your child behaves appropriately, mark off a star in the appropriate box!
    Tip: buy and place fun stickers or small stamps on each behavior box’s stars to mark an accomplishment!


Consider placing your child’s behavior chart template in a laminate or plastic file. This way, the sheet will be protected from spills or tears and you can reuse the chart every week instead of printing a new one! Simply use a white board marker on the plastic cover and wipe it off with a wet cloth to erase it.


  1. For young children, offer a piece of candy, an extra 30 minutes before bedtime, a Lego figurine, a new book, a trip to the playground, or their choice of film for family movie night as rewards for behaving successfully all week long.

  2. For older children, offer a small amount of money, a day off of chores, a trip to the shopping mall, a sleepover with friends, a new book, a video game, a paid manicure, time on their devices, or their choice of takeout restaurants for dinner as rewards for behaving successfully all week long.

  3. If you feel like your little one doesn’t need to improve on one of the skills already included in our behavior charts, don’t worry! Just cover up a category with a white label sticker and rename it. Some skills your children should consider working on are sharing, telling the truth, eating all of their vegetables, saying thank you, doing homework without complaining, and offering help to others.


You must remember what it’s like to be a kid. Growing up without everything you could ever want or need can be tough! Children are known to act out for many reasons; whether they didn’t get ice cream for dessert or don’t understand the way the world works yet, their behavior can be unsafe or inappropriate at times. From not sharing their toys with friends and saying mean things to hurting your feelings and disrespecting their belongings, helping them learn to behave nicely can prepare your children for the challenges that come with life.

Practicing good behavior doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Make our behavior charts for kids your own to make your home quieter and calmer! Then you can enjoy other activities from Just Family Fun like printable sea coral coloring pages, animal dot to dot puzzles, or a family Harry Potter quiz with no problems.

If our behavior chart template for kids has helped your household flow better, share your story and a picture with us!

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