Harry Potter Quiz With Answers

How much do you know about the Harry Potter, the great young wizard and his fellow students, teachers, and enemies? Did you know that each house has its own dark secrets? Each character no matter how good or evil they have their own little backstory, hidden demons, devious relatives.

Even the non-human characters like poor Dobby and Hagrid’s beautiful white owl have a weird and wonderful backstory. No matter how good or evil the character, neither is immune to being a victim of murder or tragedy. The franchise is a must read, watch or both.

With more 500million copies of the Harry Potter book sold worldwide, the franchise is one of the bestselling ever. While the books were released before the age of the internet as we know it, they have played an important role in getting young children across the world invested in the world of literature.

In fact, it’s estimated that over 450 million copies have been sold and while that doesn’t translate into direct reads – there’s also the highly likely fact that there are constant re-readers – the series of novels has had a serious impact on the literature scene, and JK Rowling’s bank account.

Here we delve into the world of dark magic, murder, and mayhem. Even if you have watched all the movies and read all the books, and are a true Potterhead, I guarantee you that you will struggle to get 20 out of 20 on this head scratching, brain nagging quiz.

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