50 Funny Pirate Sayings

Are you planning a pirate-themed party and in search of some funny pirate sayings? You’re in for a treat because justfamilyfun has compiled a fantastic collection of 50 funny pirate quotes just for you.

You’ll find timeless classics like “Shiver me timbers!” and “Ahoy, matey!” alongside some lesser-known gems, such as “Scurvy dog.”

This list can also be a valuable resource for the classroom, especially if the kids are delving into a pirate-themed learning adventure.

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Funny Pirate Sayings List

  1. Ahoy, matey! – Hello, friend!
  2. Shiver me timbers! – Expressing surprise or shock.
  3. Yo-ho-ho – A cheerful pirate chant.
  4. Avast, ye! – Pay attention, everyone!
  5. Landlubber – Someone who is not a pirate or sailor.
  6. Batten down the hatches – Get ready for a storm!
  7. Walk the plank – Punishment where a person is forced to walk off a board into the water.
  8. Swab the deck – Clean the floor.
  9. Jolly Roger – The pirate flag.
  10. Pieces of eight – Pirate treasure.
  11. Dead men tell no tales – Secrets won’t be revealed if someone’s dead.
  12. Hornswoggle – To cheat or deceive.
  13. Aye, aye, Captain! – Yes, I understand and will obey.
  14. Buccaneers – Pirates.
  15. Marooned – Left stranded on an island.
  16. Matey – Friend or buddy.
  17. Scallywag – A mischievous or rascally person.
  18. Davy Jones’ locker – The bottom of the sea, where drowned sailors go.
  19. Treasure map – A map that leads to hidden treasure.
  20. X marks the spot – The location of the buried treasure.
  21. Parrot on the shoulder – Pirates often had parrots as pets.
  22. Sea legs – The ability to adapt to a ship’s motion.
  23. Thar she blows! – Exclamation when a whale is spotted.
  24. All hands on deck – Everyone is needed to help.
  25. Bury the hatchet – Make peace.
  26. Crow’s nest – The lookout point high on a ship’s mast.
  27. Scuttlebutt – Gossip or rumors.
  28. Fire in the hole! – Warning before firing a cannon.
  29. Shipshape – Everything is in order.
  30. Pillage and plunder – Steal and loot.
  31. Black spot – A death threat from a pirate crew.
  32. Poop deck – The highest deck at the back of the ship.
  33. Cutlass – A pirate’s sword.
  34. Doubloons – Gold coins.
  35. Jibber-jabber – Nonsense talk.
  36. Ahoy, me hearties! – A friendly greeting to your pirate crew.
  37. No quarter – No mercy or surrender.
  38. Broadside – A simultaneous firing of all cannons.
  39. Avast, me heartie! – Stop and listen, my friend.
  40. Scurvy dog – An insult for someone who is mean.
  41. Aye, aye, me heartie! – Yes, yes, my friend!
  42. Run a tight ship – Maintain control and order.
  43. Sea chantey – A sailor’s song.
  44. Hornpipe – A lively dance performed by sailors.
  45. Poop – The stern of a ship.
  46. Lass – A young girl.
  47. Old salt – An experienced sailor.
  48. Set sail – Start a journey by ship.
  49. Pirate’s code – A set of rules followed by pirates.
  50. Booty – Treasure or stolen goods.

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Printable Pirate Hat Template Designs

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