Printable Blank Treasure Map Templates

Ahoy, me mateys! It’s time to dust off the compasses and start hunting for that treasure!

Creating a treasure map has never been so easy! Encourage the kids to pack away the Playstation and trade in the Xbox for a game of X marks the spot. With our free printable blank treasure map, you can make a DIY pirate treasure hunt.

Download the Treasure Map Printable Here

Whether it’s for use at home or in the classroom, a homemade treasure map will surely awaken the adventurous spirit of any young child. Pirates have long held sway over these young imaginations, with books and popular characters aplenty. Give them the chance to play-act with some free resources that have boatloads of potential.

What’s In The blank Treasure Map Template Bag?

This collection of blank treasure map templates for kids contains:

  • 3 black and white blank treasure maps
  • 6 blank coloured maps
  • 6 textured pirate map papers


black and white blank treasure maps
printable treasure maps
treasure map paper

These templates can be printed on ordinary A4 paper. But for some sturdy realism, you can also print onto a piece of card or glue your paper on there.

Get the pens and pencils out and start drawing!

Once you’ve decided on the final resting place of your treasure hoard, you can use self-adhesive vinyl to preserve your map. How much treasure has been lost because of careless accidents with maps? We shall never know – so keep yours safe, just in case!

If you’re planning a pirate-themed party – these printables will make the perfect addition to an immersive treasure hunt. Scavenger hunts are a firm favourite with kids – the thrill of the competition will have them shouting Aye! Aye!

Scavenger Treasure Hunts

For a fun-filled scavenger hunt, try printing a few copies of the maps and putting the location of one item on each. Give each child a map and set them off to seek the prize. When they find it, they can get a new map. The person with the most found items at the end is the winner!

Your hidden treasure could be sweets, coins, toys, or whatever else you like. Hide them around your house and/or garden. Fill in the details on the map – kids will have a wonderful time navigating the obstacles, following the directions and finding some treasure at the end.

Is there a big rock in your garden? Well, that’s now Mystery Mountain! Got a garden ornament? Ahoy! Gatekeeper – you must answer his riddles to pass! Bring magic to the mundane and create a truly unique experience in your own home.

For older kids in search of a challenge, leave clues at each landmark on your map. These clues might direct them to the next or on a false trail that leaves them marooned. Give the kids a mental workout while they try to figure out where that treasure be! Arrr!

Get Your Shipmates Involved!

The printable blank treasure map is just the right size for kids to show off their creative prowess. The map has space to let their imaginations loose. Does it need some mermaids? Maybe a shipwreck or 2?

Avast! Is that…The Kraken?????

You can use the black&white map template and let the kids loose with all the colours to build their perfect pirate treasure map. After making your very own pirate treasure map, you’re ready to set sail for the high seas!

The realistically textured backgrounds would be ideal for creating themed cards or birthday invitations. You can be as creative as you like and make some mesmerisingly unique pieces of art.

Additional Pirate Activities:

Kids love any reason to break out the dressing-up outfits and look suitably dressed for the occasion. Get everyone involved and make it a quest to remember! And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of all the crazy fun too.

If you’re looking for other themed activities to kick your swashbuckling adventure up a notch we have free printable pirate hats available to download. There are 3 different designs available – in both black&white and colour versions.

We also have printable pirate flags! These templates also come in 3 designs and will help you set the scene for a birthday party, family adventure or even as themed activities for storytime. There are a whole lot of pirate stories for children out there – including Peter Pan. Bring Captain Hook and his crew to life with these pirate printables.

pirate scavenger hunt
Pirate Scavenger Hunt
printable pirate flags
Printable Pirate Flags
printable pirate hats
Printable Pirate Hats
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