Printable Pirate Flag Template

Printable Pirate Flag Template

The perfect accessory for seafaring swashbucklers, Just Family Fun’s printable pirate flag template is a great solution. Our free black and white printable can be printed out as many times as you need to create the best pirate haven this side of the Caribbean.

Maybe you’re alone pirate, bravely striking out through the high seas, master of your universe, and you only need one flag. Or you’re alone pirate who leaves a custom made flag at the site of each of his daring heists. Maybe as captain of the finest pirate crew the world has ever seen, you have your own special made flag, and each of your crewmates has their own as well.

All of Just Family Fun’s free printable pirate flags come in black and white or colour prints. This is perfect for the little pirate in your life who wants every individual flag on their birthday banner to look different but is also great for when you just want one to print off and go.

These pirate flag printables go perfectly with our free pirate hat printables. Try them all, and have the best pirate day ever!

Inspiration For Pirate Flag Template Activities

Make it a banner dayPrint out a stack and go wild! Colour them with different colours and designs, and you’ll have the perfect signs that there’s a pirate nearby! Using some hole punchers and string, make a banner to hang around the room, your artwork proudly displayed as your proof that a fearsome pirate is nearby!

Make a pirate flag door signColour your pirate flag so it represents who you are. Are you a pirate who likes waves and seashells, or a pirate who storms islands and explores jungles? Make your pirate flag look however you feel it should, and then display it proudly on your wall.

Bonus fun points– Make one on a popsicle stick or straw you can wave around!

Flag find You’ve decorated the coolest pirate flag printable in the high seas, but now someone, maybe mom or dad, has hidden it away! You have to find it before the timer finishes!

Bonus fun points– Ask mom to hide the flag so you and dad can race to find it!

Pirate flag memory game colour your pirate flags with fun designs. Spread them out in front of your mom or dad, and flip them over. Ask them to give you one- maybe the one with the skull and crossbones, or the one you coloured green. If they pick the wrong one, they have to walk the plank!

Have a pirate partyBring the fiercest pirates in the seven seas over to your ship for a pirate party! You can use the free pirate flag printable to show your friends what house the best pirate party ever is going to be. Print them off, colour them up, and wallpaper the house to show them exactly where to go!

Bonus Fun Points– For ideas on how to dress as a pirate, and what to do with your pirate pals, go see our pages on fun scavenger hunts and hats.

Flag colouring crew- Pick your brightest colours, or maybe just pre-coloured flags, and make enough for everyone to have two. Really have fun, make the best and craziest designs you can! Then, with a glue stick, some popsicle sticks, and some help, you can make little pirate flags! Wave them at each other. Who made the best? Whose is glued the best?

Flag tossing competitionIn teams of two, toss your flags back and forth to see which team can do the most tosses without dropping their flag!

Capture the crew– a twist on capture the flag, print a stack off and pick two colours. Each team gets a colour, and each sailor gets a flag. And then it’s a race to see which team can collect all the flags from the other team as fast as they can! Losing team has to walk the plank!

You’ve done it- you’ve created the most unique and cool pirate flag every seen on a ship! Now you can share it with us, and let us see how much fun you had! And if you liked that, check out our free pirate hat printables, or our pirate scavenger hunt!

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