Free Downloadable Tennis Word Search

Our tennis word search will be a hit when you serve them up to your budding tennis players. The great news is that these word searches are free and we’ve included two twenty-word word searches. That gives you a total of forty tennis-themed words that will help reinforce tennis vocabulary and spelling.

Serve them up as homework after teaching tennis in KS1 or KS2 PE lessons. Alternatively, they make great sheets to keep in your bag when you need to entertain the children for a few minutes at dinner or on public transport.


Once downloaded, you’ll find three sheets, 2 of which contain the word searches and 1 with the answers. Each word search has twenty words to be found. If you’re struggling to find one word you can take a peek at the crib sheet.

Once you find a word, put a line through, circle or highlight it, then cross it off in the word list so you don’t search for something you already found. Words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Turn your English Lesson Into a Game of Tennis

A great way to complete these tennis word searches is to split your class or children into two teams. Get them to complete in a match with two sets.  See which team can finish the search first.

What Can This Tennis Word Search Be Used For?

Wordsearches are great for improving vocabulary and spelling when learning about tennis and are a brilliant way to entertain small people.  You could also use them when trying to teach children about strategy.

A great resource to pull out when it’s Wimbledon, a grand slam or if you like celebrating national days, why not use this word search on national puzzle day (January  29th).

What To Do If Your Struggling To Find One of the Tennis-Themed Words?

Sometimes one or two words can just evade you. If you have a word that you can’t just spot there are a few things you could do.

Presuming you don’t want to cheat, try

  • Scrolling up and down each line, or along a row until you find a letter that matches the first one of the missing words. Once you found the first letter in the word you’re searching for, check the letters around to see if it is the second letter in your word. For example, if you’re looking for the word racquet, if you find a Q without a U next to it, then you need to keep searching.
  • Looking for double letters – If any words contain double letters, scan the word search for two letters next to each other. For example, look for double L if you’re searching for ‘volley’
  • Searching within words – Often words overlap, try looking within words for another word which may use a letter from another word

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