Dinosaur Bingo Printable

Dinosaur Bingo Printable Family Game

Looking for a great game to play with your dinosaur enthusiast? Maybe a fun activity for a dino-themed party? Perhaps, your pint-sized palaeontologist is looking for an exciting way to learn some new types of dinosaur? Our Dinosaur Bingo Printable is just what you need!

The game features 36 dinosaur-themed images. Learn to spot Archaeopteryx, Maiasaur and Ankylosaurus. Impress your friends at dinner parties by telling your Kentrosaurus from your Hadrosaurus and your Megalosaurus from your Patagotitan. Most importantly, have a great time playing with your little one.

Dinosaur Bingo Printable

How to Play Dinosaur Bingo Printable Game

1. Download our free Dinosaur Bingo Printable HERE.

2. Cut out the bingo markers and give a pile to each player.

3. Cut out each square on the caller’s card (the card with 36 images) and put them in a bowl.

Top tip – If you are in a hurry you can skip the cutting out and simply cross out the dinosaurs with pens instead. The game will not be reusable in this way but we know, with kids, sometimes there’s no time to lose!

4. Give each player a different Dinosaur Bingo card. There are 8 to choose from.

5. Pick a picture from the caller’s bowl at random and read it out. It’s a good idea to describe the picture the first few times the game is played.

6. Players use the bingo markers to cover any pictures that are called.

7. If a player fills a whole row, column or diagonal line with markers they must shout BINGO!

Top Tip – Add a dinosaur twist by changing BINGO to RAWWWR!

Win or lose, playing bingo with your child has many benefits in addition to learning their dinosaur names.

A game of luck, like bingo, means they will experience both winning and losing. A win can boost your child’s confidence and helps them to feel good about themselves. A loss is a great way to develop empathy, build resilience and learn valuable self-control skills. Most children find losing a bit tricky to deal with so make sure to model being a good loser for them. Talk about how much fun you had playing and point out small successes like spotting the pterodactyl really quickly or placing the markers neatly.

Play Again

Dinosaur Bingo can be played again and again as the dinosaurs will be called in a different order each time. The more you play, the more dinosaur types you and your child will learn and the faster you will become. Soon your little one will be ready to become the caller and lead the game.

Top Tip – Laminate our Bingo cards to protect them from little hands and make them last for many more games.


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Laura Davies

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