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Free Kids Animal Bingo Game

Need a game to keep your children entertained? Want to help them learn something new while having a world of fun? Or do you need a family fun game for the next rainy Saturday? Whatever your reason, our Kids Animal Bingo sheets are print-ready and perfect for a few hours of family time.

Here at justfamilyfun we have created a unique animal bingo game for the whole family to enjoy. Filled with penguins, Cows, snakes, crows, even a camel! This game will help your child to learn about animals from all over the world without having to leave the home.

As the young one’s wait for their bingo, they will not even realize they are picking up this spectacular knowledge. Increase what they know about the animals of the world with this lively bingo game.

animal bingo

What Animal Bingo can Teach your Kids

It is amazing what our children can pick up when playing games, taking part in this bingo will teach them the names of animals, how to pronounce those names, how they look. You even have the option to make animal noises or play them on a speaker as you call them, this will certainly take the game to the next level of fun!

But just because the game is all about the animals, does not mean that the kids will only learn about the animals. Bingo has many positive ways it can help develop a young one’s mind.

Like increasing their ability to be patient.

Bingo can be a frustrating game as you wait for your needed ion to be called. Imagine a child’s growing frustration as everything gets called but that snake. That snake is the only thing stopping them from getting a Bingo. Will they temper tantrum?


But this is a practical lesson for them, it teaches them how to shake off that stress and be patient. A valuable lesson in later life. If you can teach your child such patience at a young age, it will serve them well as they become adults.

How to use the Animal Bingo Cards

This free printable set of Animal Bingo cards includes: 8 unique full-color cards, A cutout bingo caller card, and cut out bingo counters, covered in cute little monkeys. The counters are optional as pens can be used to mark the sheets. Using the counters, however, will eliminate the need to repeatedly print more sheets.

Playing the game is simple:

  1. Print and hand out your Animal Bingo cards.
  2. Pile your Bingo counters in the center of the table or hand them out to each player. (You can always print more if you need too).
  3. Cut out the caller cards and mix them in a box.
  4. Have the designated caller pull out a card and shout the name of the animal they have pulled or make an animal noise to see if they can work out what it belongs too.
  5. to mark the call on their card.
  6. Everyone that they mark will bring them closer to getting a Bingo. A bingo is called when one person marks enough token on his sheet to halve a full line horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  7. Repeat until someone shouts Bingo.
  8. Then start the fun all over again when enough Bingos have been called.


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