birthday bingo printable cards

Free Birthday Bingo Printable Cards

It’s someone’s birthday and you need a fun family birthday bingo game, or maybe you had a plan to party outside, but a torrential storm has drowned your BBQ. Congratulations, you have come to the right place.  Here are some beautifully created birthday bingo printable cards that you will not regret coming across.

birthday bingo

Here at justfamilyfun we have created birthday bingo cards to suit people of all ages. Our printable bingo cards are full of birthday goodness: candies, cake, and party hats. Every Bingo will be full of laughter as you shout bingo on a burger or hear someone call out that they need a doughnut.

Can you imagine the fun of shouting out BINGO after getting a row of Cake, Confetti, Champagne, Popcorn and Pizza? Isn’t it going to be so much more fun hearing the caller shout out CLOWN instead of a random number? Of course, it is.

And with these Printable Bingo cards your game can be ready to go anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is print and cut.


Is Bingo just for Adults?

In this day and age, bingo is often associated with the elderly. But that is not because it is Bingo, it is because it has proven to be a great way for our older ones to socialize.

Bingo is a fun, simple game, that is not just limited to adults. Your kids can play too as such games will help them to develop their cognitive function, improve patience, social skills and, if playing as teams, teamwork skills.

Just what you were looking for, right? So how would you use them?

How to use our Birthday Bingo Printable Game

Our birthday bingo free printable includes 8 unique full color cards, A cutout bingo caller card, and cut out bingo counters. (The counters are optional as pens can be used to mark the sheets. However, to play multiple games without the need to print multiple cards, simply cut these little beauties out.)

  1. The workings are simple.
  2. Hand out the cards.
  3. Hand out the bingo counters, or put a pile in the middle of your table
  4. Cut out the caller cards and mix them in a box.
  5. Your caller will pull out a card and call it.
  6. Those playing the bingo can use the counters to mark the bingo on their card.
  7. Everyone that they mark will bring them closer to getting a Bingo. A bingo is called when one person marks enough token on his sheet to halve a full line horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  8. Repeat until you hear that word: BINGO.
  9. Then start the fun all over again when enough Bingos have been called.

All in all, this is a bright, enjoyable, family fun game that doesn’t need a lot of effort to set up. Your players will love battling with the lady luck to be the first to get that line of success.

Warning. Birthday Bingo has the potential to make you hungry as you wait for your caller to shout out Pizza!

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