20 Free Printable Blank Board Game Templates

We’re pleased to introduce our selection of 20 free printable blank board game templates, available for you to download and customize into any game of your choice.

These templates are perfect for preschool and kindergarten activities and are a great way to encourage creativity. Just select your preferred design, print it out, and watch as children’s imaginations take flight, offering boundless opportunities for fun and learning.

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What's Included With Our 20 Printable Blank Board Game Templates

In our collection, you’ll come across 20 truly one-of-a-kind blank board game templates. You’ll find options ranging from wiggly line designs and straight lines to ones featuring rockets and snakes. We’re confident that you’ll discover the perfect template to suit your project.

Creative Ways to Use Our Blank Board Game Templates

Our blank board game templates are not just limited to traditional gameplay; they open up a world of possibilities for imaginative and educational activities. Here are some creative ways you can make the most of these versatile templates:

1. Educational Adventures: Transform the board into a learning adventure. You can create a game that teaches geography, history, or math, making education fun and interactive for kids.

2. Storytelling Board: Encourage storytelling by replacing traditional board spaces with prompts, images, or words. Players advance by crafting a story based on what they land on, fostering creativity and narrative skills.

3. Artistic Expression: Let your artistic talents shine by using the blank spaces as canvases for drawing, painting, or crafting. Each move can be a chance to add a new element to your collaborative masterpiece.

4. Problem-Solving Challenges: Develop critical thinking skills with puzzles, riddles, and challenges at each space. Players must solve these enigmas to progress.

5. Fitness and Movement: Integrate physical activity into your game by assigning exercises or movements to different spaces. Players can get active while having fun.

6. Character Development: Create a game where players assume the roles of characters and advance through a story, developing their characters with each move, much like a role-playing game.

7. History Time Travel: Use the board to explore historical eras. Each space represents a different period, and players must answer questions or complete challenges related to that time to advance.

8. Trivia Showdown:  Turn your board into a trivia quiz with questions covering a wide range of topics. Correct answers allow players to move forward.

9. Team Building: Design a cooperative game that requires players to work together to achieve a common goal. It’s a fantastic way to build teamwork and communication skills.

10. Themed Adventures: Customize the game to fit a specific theme, whether it’s a holiday, a favorite movie, or an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless.

These are just a few examples of the creative applications for our blank board game templates. With a little imagination, you can adapt them to suit a wide range of interests, making learning and play a truly engaging experience. So, pick a template, let your creativity flow, and embark on your unique board game adventure today.


If you’ve found value in our free blank board game templates, you’ll probably delight in exploring our ready-made game templates. From brain-teasing rebus puzzles to the classic snakes and ladders, there’s a variety of entertaining options to choose from. But if you’re on the hunt for additional blank templates, be sure to visit printabletemplates.com to peruse their extensive collection. Happy gaming!

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