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Kids Alphabet Bingo PDF Printable Game

We love watching our children learn the alphabet. The moment they hold up a letter and pronounce it correctly for the first time, we are so proud. But it takes a lot of hard work to get our little ones to this level. Now, with our free alphabet bingo PDF printable sheets, we can help them learn in a new, fun, and innovative way.

Here at justfamilyfun we have designed an Alphabet bingo game that your young ones will enjoy. With its bright fun and friendly colors, they get to discover the alphabet in a whole new light. Plus they get to spell out the name of that famous dog Bingo, do not be alarmed if these young ones start to sing the nursery rhyme, be happy they can spell the game they are going to play.

Alphabet Bing

A great child-friendly feature of this alphabet bingo is the size. While many bingo sheets run with 5 across and 5 down, these sheets only have 3 across and 3 down, making it the perfect sheet for a young mind.

How Alphabet Bingo can Help Your Kids

We all have the tendency to teach the way we’ve been taught. Because of this our kids are learning to sing the alphabet to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. Is there a problem with that? Well, if someone was to ask me where L is in the alphabet, I would have to sing the alphabet to figure it out, but other then that, no, no problem.


Knowing the alphabet song is one thing, recognizing a letter of the alphabet out of that context is another. That is where these alphabet bingo cards can really make a difference.

The kids will have a glorious amount of fun, recognizing the letters on the page as they are called out. You will fill with delight when you see your pride and joy think about it before placing a counter over the correct letter.

An interactive way of learning such as this builds a child’s confidence, builds their social skills, improves memory, hand eye co-ordination, and patience. These things seem small but can contribute a lot to the mental development of a young one.

How to use the Alphabet Bingo PDF Template

The alphabet bingo for kids printable includes 6 unique full color cards, A cutout bingo caller card, and cut out bingo counters. The counters are optional as pens can be used to mark the sheets. Using the counters, however, will eliminate the need to repeatedly print more sheets.

Note small objects can be a choking hazard, if using the cutouts please keep an eye on your young ones at all times.

Playing the game is simple:

  1. Hand out your cards.
  2. Hand out the bingo counters or put a pile in the middle of your table.
  3. Cut out the caller cards and mix them in a box.
  4. Have the designated caller pull out a card and shout what is on it. This will be fun for one of the younger ones to do also!
  5. Use the counters to mark the call on their card.
  6. Everyone that they mark will bring them closer to getting a Bingo. A bingo is called when one person marks enough token on his sheet to halve a full line horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  7. Repeat until someone shouts Bingo. Singing the bingo song is completely optional.
  8. Then start the fun all over again when enough Bingos have been called.


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