The Adventure of Mini and Her Nanny

Free Children’s book: The Adventure Of Mini And Her Nanny

Written By Gavin Smith

Illustrated by Isuru Sandeep

Come and join us for an exciting adventure with a brave little girl named Mini and her very special Nanny. A wonderful story to read with children and encourage a love of books, nature and family.

Inspiring a Love of Books

Kids need to learn to read and it can be a long and tricky process. You can have all of the flashcards and phonics games in the world but nothing helps more than having a child who loves books. Who knows that fantastic adventures are waiting for them within the pages. Our book will take your child on a wonderful journey with Mini and her Nanny. They won’t be able to wait to turn the pages and find out what happens next.

Building a Love of Nature

Getting outdoors for some fresh air and time away from screens is so important for kids today. We designed our book to help develop a love of nature and a curiosity about what could be waiting if we venture outside. The Adventure of Mini and her Nanny will transport your child into the fantastic forest that lurks in Nanny’s village. What will they encounter as they explore? Which amazing animals will they meet? And how will they make sure they both stay safe?

The Importance of Family

It can be easy to take each other for granted and forget to say ‘I love you’ enough. If one thing is certain in this book it’s that Mini loves her Nanny and her Nanny loves her even more. These adventurous gals are best friends and they would do anything to make each other smile.  

Sharing the Story with Your Mini One

BedtimeThe Adventures of Mini and her Nanny is a wonderful story to share at bedtime. Let your child close their eyes and be transported to Nanny’s incredible forest as they drift off to sleep. Maybe they will dream of cute rabbits, gorgeous deer and freshly baked cookies.

Comprehension Read the story together and ask questions to help your child develop their reading comprehension. Try to ask a mixture of closed and open questions.

Closed question examples

  • What did Mini pack in her adventure bag?
  • When is Mum coming back?
  • Which animals did they meet?

Open question examples

  • Which item from the adventure bag should Mini use and why?
  • How do you know that Nanny loves Mini?
  • What do you think happens next?

Artistic Inspiration Talk about the beautiful illustrations as you read together. Can your child spot the things mentioned in the story? When you reach the end, ask them about their favourite part. Can they create their own illustration for that page?If they do, send them to Just Family Fun or upload them to our Gallery Page as we would love to see their creations!

Ready to join Mini and her Nanny on their Adventure?

Download the free and fully illustrated book here. Read on a tablet or other device. Or, print it so your child can turn the pages and enjoy some time away from screens.

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