List Of String Instruments With Pictures

Our fantastic list of string instruments with pictures is the perfect resource to help expand your child’s musical knowledge. Encourage an early interest in music and introduce the kids to a new family of instruments with these fun printable worksheets.

This brilliant collection of printable sheets features pictures of string instruments with a clear label under each one.

These worksheets are perfect for introducing kids to the various types of string instruments, including the violin, guitar, harp, double bass, and more. They’re great for displaying in the classroom or at home, and for starting musical discussions and activities. 

string musical instruments with pictures

Our String Instruments Worksheets Contains

Choose from 9 printable .PDF files below, or download them all. The first page showcases all the instruments together, with each instrument clearly labelled – great for teaching the kids how the different string instruments compare in size to each other.  The other 8 pages feature one instrument per page, each with a large image and the instrument’s name – perfect for displaying on classroom walls. 

Learn About The String Family

If you and the kids would love to learn more about string instruments, head over to You’ll find a bunch of cool facts about each string instrument there, including the history of each instrument and some famous musicians that have played them. 

If learning about string instruments has got everyone in the mood for some fun string instrument crafts, grab your coloring pens and check out our 6 guitar coloring sheets. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day – just click here

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