Printable Tooth Fairy Letters and Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates

Are you looking for tooth fairy letters to send to your little one? Perhaps losing a tooth has been a difficult experience for them and you want to reward them for their bravery with a tooth fairy certificate? You have come to the right place.

Here at Just Family Fun, we have a vast array of free printable tooth fairy letters and matching certificates to suit any tooth loss, including a selection designed especially for the first tooth loss. We are here to help you bring the tooth fairy to life!

What's Included in Our Tooth Fairy Letter Package

We have seven letters from the tooth fairy for you to choose from, each with a matching tooth fairy certificate template. Three of these are designed especially to be first tooth fairy letters, and the remaining four can be used for any tooth.

First Tooth Fairy Letter and General Tooth Fairy Letters

Losing a first tooth is an extremely exciting time and deserves to be celebrated with a special letter! The three available options for the first tooth fairy letters are:

tooth fairy first tooth letter
  • The first letter says how wonderful it is that your child has lost their very first tooth. The tooth fairy explains that it is an important and special addition to her collection and expresses excitement to be able to show such a sparkly tooth to her fairy helpers at the castle! She thanks your child for taking such good care of it and promises to keep it safe! The letter is decorated with some beautiful flowers, toadstools, a butterfly and of course a tooth!
1st tooth fairy letter
  • The second letter thanks your child for leaving their first tooth in a safe place for her to find. She says how exciting it is to lose your first tooth and that she’s happy to add such a beautiful tooth to her collection. The letter is decorated with stunning illustrations of bees, flowers, teeth and a striking fairy.
1st tooth fairy letter
  • The third tooth fairy letter gives your child a warm welcome to the tooth fairy club. The tooth fairy reminds your child to keep their teeth clean so that she can continue to collect the teeth in exchange for gifts. The letter is beautifully decorated with a river running through woodland and an eye-catching dragonfly.

Even after the first loss, you’ll want your child to experience the excitement of the tooth fairy for every tooth so we have created letters that you can use for each one.

  • The fourth letter in the package reassures your child that the tooth fairy will be able to find the tooth anywhere, even if it’s not under their pillow. This will be especially handy if you’d prefer not to try to reach the tooth without waking them up! The letter is decorated with a purple starry sky and a charming house.
a letter from the tooth fairy
  • In the fifth letter, the tooth fairy expresses gratitude at how clean your child has been keeping their teeth because they make sparkly additions to the castle and the tooth fairy helpers say they shine bright like the moon! The letter is decorated by a gorgeous illustration of a fairy gazing at the night sky.
tooth fairy letter lost tooth
  • In the sixth letter, the tooth fairy says how lovely it is to see your child again and that they are keeping her busy, and that their teeth are making the fairy castle look wonderful. She tells your child that she rested next to them for a short while to recharge her fairy wings. The letter is decorated with a stunning visual of the tooth fairy sat on a bed and looking out of the window at the stars.
tooth fairy letter printable
  • The tooth fairy has an adventurous tale to share in the seventh letter of the collection. She tells your child that she nearly got stuck in a tree due to high winds, but luckily her strong fairy wings got her out of trouble! She thanks them for their tooth and reminds them to keep their teeth clean. The letter is decorated with a tiny fairy flying across the sky leaving green swirls in her wake.

Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates

Our seven printable certificates have been designed to complement the tooth fairy letters as a matching set. Each tooth fairy certificate template features the same beautiful illustrations as the tooth fairy letters. Completely free, you can print one out for each tooth loss to leave with every letter.

tooth fairy certificates
free printable tooth fairy certificate
tooth fairy certificate free
tooth fairy certificate printable
free printable tooth fairy certificate template
free printable tooth fairy letters certificates

Tooth Fairy Ideas

Your family can have a lot of fun with the tooth fairy. We have compiled some of our favourite ideas on how to enhance the tooth fairy experience!

  • We know it can be expensive to leave money or buy gifts for every tooth loss. One of our favourite suggestions is to take advantage of our other free resources such as the colouring pages, games and puzzles and fun printables. They’re an excellent way to spark joy without spending a penny.
  • Sprinkle the tooth fairy letter, certificate and gift with fairy dust (also known as glitter!)
  • If you are planning to leave the sixth letter in the collection, it mentions the tooth fairy resting next to your child whilst collecting the tooth. If you have a doll to hand, you can use your fairy dust to make an outline of the fairy on your child’s bedside table to show them where she slept beside them.
  • Our second and fourth tooth fairy letters in the package reference leaving the tooth in a safe place. If you are finding it difficult to collect the tooth from underneath the pillow without waking your child, it’s a great idea to make a special pouch or box for the tooth to be left in instead.
  • Why not suggest that your child writes a letter to the tooth fairy to leave with the tooth? It’ll be very exciting when they receive a letter in return.


We hope that our free printable tooth fairy letters and certificates help you to bring the tooth fairy to life for your child.

If you are having any problems with trying to convince your child to brush their teeth, don’t forget that the tooth fairy can help with this and so can we!  We have some great free printable tooth brushing charts available for download now.

Download our complete tooth fairy letter package here.

If you’ve found some creative ways to enjoy the tooth fairy experience alongside our free tooth fairy letters and certificates, please feel free to share your stories and pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We love to see our printables being put to clever use!

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