Paper Straw Craft

Paper Straw Craft (Flying Superheroes)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your little superheroes flying around with the Superman they’ve just created using one of our paper straw craft templates, ready to protect the public by fighting crime!

Today we are going to create our very own flying superheroes using just paper, a straw and an old pen cap. 

A perfect craft for girls and boys alike, this activity will fuel your kids imagination and encourage physical activity, plus it’s another string in your bow to fight off summer holiday boredom. The only limit being their imagination.

Superhero play is very beneficial to your children. It introduces them to very good role models with qualities we want to inspire in them such as hard work, kindness, helpfulness and always trying our best. It also allows parents to open up conversations about our real-life superheroes such as firefighters, nurses, doctors and carers.

If this sounds like the perfect activity for your family, let’s get started! 

Choose from these 4 creations: Superdad, Supermum, Superboy and Supergirl. You can also create your own design with a choice of coloured or black and white templates.

Materials Needed To Make Your Straw Superheroes:


How to make your superheros

Step 1: Print off either the colour or black and white template.  

TIP: Print on thick card or photo paper

Step 2: If you’re designing your own superhero colours, now would be a good time to colour them in. Enjoy this bit, these are your superheroes so they can look however you want them to. 

If you’re using a pre-coloured superhero, you can move onto the next step. 

Paper Straw Craft colouring

Step 3: It’s time to cut your superhero out. I recommend you ask an adult to do this part as it’s a little bit tricky. 


Step 4: Once your superhero is cut out, turn them over so that you can tape the old pen cap to their back. 



How easy was that! All you need to do now is put your straw into the pen cap and blow so that your superhero takes off and flies. Now it’s time to have some fun!

Paper Straw Craft

Why not have a go at making the other 3 superheroes and have your very own superhero family to play with. What dangerous missions will they have? Do you have a teddy or toy that needs rescuing from the bad guys? Maybe a friend could join in the fun or you could launch your superheroes outside. 

Once you’ve finished playing with them, use them to decorate your bedroom and they’ll be ready to play with whenever you want.


If you enjoyed this simple superhero paper straw craft, please check out our other fun family crafts at

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