Printable Letter S Worksheets

Help your children learn all 26 letters of the English alphabet with our lovable find the letter S worksheets!

Learning the alphabet is a crucial building block for language arts and communication skills like writing, speaking, typing, listening, visualizing, and reading. To ensure our children gain the independence and autonomy needed to maintain social lives as they grow older, it’s important that they master their letters early on.

Just Family Fun’s letter worksheets are designed to captivate young minds and help them identify, recognize, and use all 26 letters in dynamic and creative ways.

This set of colorful worksheets will teach you everything you will ever need to know about the silly and stupendous letter S, including how to write it by hand, what it looks like in upper and lower case, and a few examples of words you already know that start with the letter!

What’s Included in Our Letter S Worksheets

This set includes three pink, yellow, and blue Letter S Worksheets. Each page boasts three exercises that go beyond simply identifying the letter S – they encourage children to explore the shape and significance of the letter in different contexts!

  1. A find the letter S game:
    Various upper and lower-case letters of the English alphabet appear across the page in blobs and bubbles. Kids have to scour, search, and count the number of times they see the letter S on the page! This encourages an attention to detail and rapidly familiarizes them with the shape and image of the letter.
  2. Trace the letter S:
    Big bubbly letters with descriptive arrows offer the opportunity to practice writing the letter S by hand in both upper and lower case on each of the three S worksheets. Worried about bad handwriting? Forget about it! Your little one will learn to write perfectly from the very beginning.
  3. Examples of words that begin with S:
    Each S worksheet shows a fun cartoon image of a word that starts with the letter S! This provides familiarity and context for how the letter S is used in everyday language. Exposure like this helps expand vocabulary and make long-lasting neural connections in the brain.

We recommend printing all three Letter S Worksheets in full color to get the most out of your exercises. Mix them into your other English alphabet letter worksheets and get learning!

Other Activities for Learning the Letter “S”

  • Go on a letter hunt:
    Encourage your little ones to run around their home or classroom and collect objects that begin with the letter S. For those in need of a more challenging task, switch it up to objects with a double-S somewhere in the name or things that end with an S.

    You might come across…

Socks, spoon, scissors, sink, shoe, skirt, spider, sandwich, soil, sun, sunglasses, squeaker, switch, snow, salt, strawberry, spade, squirrel, sponge, suitcase, sneakers, sunflowers, sweater, or shirt!

  • Try our free “Trace the Alphabet” worksheets:
    Another fun resource to use alongside these find the letter S worksheets are Just Family Fun’s trace the alphabet pages! Your kids will get even more practice writing upper and lower case letters by hand, thus improving their handwriting, dexterity, and muscular control. Not only will adept fine motor skills lead to beautiful handwriting, it also benefits other tasks like tying shoes, eating with chopsticks, and chopping vegetables for family meals. Download the worksheets here:
  • Draw a picture using the letter S:
    To spark your little ones’ creativity, draw a giant “S” on a plain white piece of paper and turn it into something magical. Draw around the S to create a giant, curvy monster, for example. What about a crooked snowman? Perhaps a millipede on the sidewalk, or waves in the ocean!
  • Say the letter S aloud:
    Some of the letters of the alphabet come with their own set of rules, like how to pronounce it depending on where it is located in the word. Take some time out of every day to say different words containing the letter “S” to practice the mouth shapes and muscles needed. Start with these…

    Show, logs, slip, cash, snake, sorry, tugs, buses, sea, shade, horse, books

Fun Facts About S:

  • In the 1800s, another letter of the alphabet existed. The long S! Written down, it looked similar to a lowercase “f” but sounded exactly the same as our S today.

  • More English words begin with the letter S than any other letter in the alphabet! There are over 40,000 common words starting with S but, comparatively, only 11 starting with X and 16,000 with A.


Learning new things can be daunting, intimidating, and stressful if done wrong – especially the alphabet, with 26 whole letters to memorize! But learning doesn’t have to be all bad.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiving, introducing these worksheets into your child’s learning routine can have numerous benefits. The journey of discovering the letter S is not only educational, but an adventure filled with excitement and joy! Working through these free, printable find the letter s worksheets for kids will empower them to master the alphabet all while having a great time along the way.

If your little one has our worksheets to thank for their mastery of the alphabet, visit our website to find more fun, educational, family-friendly activities and projects! You may want to start with this one to get even more practice writing and using the alphabet: free printable spelling game for kids.

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