Letter A Outline Templates – Ready To Print

Help children become familiar with alphabets with these blank letter “A” outline templates. This template is perfect to use for banners, and for a range of display purposes. This allows for these templates to be used in whatever way a student or those who teach them can think of. Our outlines are available in two formats, upper case (“A”) and lower case (“a”). You can download the format of your choice and colour/decorate it yourself.

Ways to Use This Letter A Outline Template

  • Students or kids can use crayons or watercolours to decorate this outline. When they are done with the letter, it can be hung on the wall as a large “A” display.
  • This printable letter outline can be used for banners. Print out the letter to use on special occasions such as “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas”.
  • You can print out this template to be used in flashcards or for matching/memory games.
  • Teachers can use it to teach students about the letter.
  • You can print out and use these outlines to teach your 2-3-year-old kid the basics of the alphabet.



Other Letter A Activities

Just Family Fun has more letter “A” activities for kids. We have numerous different worksheets for your kids to enjoy and practice writing the letter “A”. You can choose from the ‘Connect the Dot’ worksheets, the ‘Find and Color A’ worksheet and more. Check below, download the sheet of your choice, print it out and let your kids practice and learn!

Did You Love Our Letter “A” Outline Template?

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