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Printable learn to tell the time Worksheets

There is a time for everything that we do, whether it is sleeping, playing, or eating. Telling the time seems like second nature to us now. The fact of knowing the difference between night and day is a kid’s entry into the world of time. Some parents find it challenging to help their kids learn the time. However, the kids must start learning to tell the time at a young age. A child’s neural connections are better prepared to understand concepts too high for them as their brain is still developing. Parents often wonder at what age should the kids learn to tell the time. The answer is that learning time is an incremental process, and learning should start at the age of 5.

The next question that comes to mind is, how to teach kids to learn about time and tell time? Helping your child learn to say the time is not exclusively bound to teaching them to read a clock. How can they be expected to read the time if they do not know what time is? Just as you would not expect a child to start reading before they could talk, telling the time is a developmental process in stages. JustFamilyFun’s ‘Learn The Time’ book helps you teach your kids all they need to know about time in a fun and engaging way.

Details of the ‘Learn the Time’ Book

The book has nine worksheets of fun and engaging activities to help your kids learn how to tell time.

1. It’s Penguin Time

The fun begins with the very first worksheet in the book, ‘It’s Penguin Time’. This is the activity where kids must draw hands of the clock as well as colour the Penguin. This activity helps the kids practise their time-telling skills as well as get creative and colour Penguin.

Learn the Time

2. Pair Me Up

‘Pair Me Up’ is the second activity in the book. In this activity, kids must match the analogue clock to its equivalent time in the digital clock. This is a fantastic way to teach your kids to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks.

kids learning time worksheets

3. What Time Is It?

The third fun worksheet of the book is ‘What Time Is It?’. This is an activity where the kids must read the time on the clocks and write them down on the corresponding boxes. This colourful and artistic worksheet helps the kids learn how to tell time enjoyably.

what time is it worksheet

4. Draw the Time

‘Draw The Time’ is the fourth worksheet of the book. This worksheet has animal clocks with the time written below them. The kids must draw the hands of the clock to show the time and colour animals. This is another fun and creative way to tell the time.

learn to tell the time

5. Guess the Time

The fifth activity in the book is called ‘Guess the Time’. The kids must guess the time being described in the worksheet. They must draw the hands of the clock to show the time and colour muffin.

guess the time worksheet

6. What’s My Schedule

‘What’s My Schedule’ is the sixth activity in the book. Time management is one of the critical skills everyone should practice. This activity helps the young ones to plot their schedule by writing the correct time. This allows kids to schedule time for their daily activities like brushing their teeth, eating lunch, etc. and learn to tell time.

whats my schedule

7. Learn the Time

The seventh worksheet is ‘Learn the Time’. This sheet has a digital clock and a set of tasks that the kids must do. The kids must do the tasks given on the sheet. This helps kids to learn to tell time and follow instructions.

learn to tell the time

8. Telling Time

‘Telling Time’ is the eighth worksheet in the book. This sheet has an analogue clock that tells a time. There are a few questions that the kids must answer after looking at the time on the clock. This sheet has questions like, ‘write numbers around the clock’, ‘On what number is the hour hand on?’ and more. This activity makes sure that the kids can tell time with perfection.

 worksheet to help keis read clock face

9. Sort the Clock

The final worksheet is called ‘Sort the Clock’. The kids must cut the clocks on the book’s last page and paste them on the right column of the worksheet (half-hour or hour).

learn am pm time

Like the Worksheets in our book?

If you like the activities in the book and believe this book will help your kid have fun whilst learning to tell time. Download our ‘Learn the Time Book’ now.


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