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Are you teaching young kids about subtraction? When kids are learning, it helps to frame the problem in terms of their experience. You have 5 sweets, you give one to your friend, how many sweets are left? These single number problems can be worked out using fingers. For more complex sums, we have a subtraction poster available to download here.

Giving children access to a reference and plenty of practice early in their education allows them to build confidence and retain the information. They can then apply the rules to other situations and master increasingly complex arithmetic, according to their abilities.

Children learn at different rates and in different ways. Wider access to a range of materials gives more opportunities for children to truly understand the process.

The Arithmetic Journey

To build confidence in subtraction, children should already have practised skills in number recognition, pattern recognition and addition.

For practice, we have a printable subtraction chart and worksheets available to download here.

Additionally, we have free resources available to print for children who would benefit from some early-stage arithmetic practice. The maths for reception worksheets are available to download here.

Kids with some arithmetic abilities – who are ready for more challenging sums – will benefit from the printable subtraction poster, available here.

Subtraction Poster Details and Uses

This colourful, easy-to-read resource can help children as they begin to memorise basic subtraction sums. The bright colours are eye-catching, but not distracting. This allows the numbers to be the sole focus of the poster.

The poster includes sums for the numbers 1-12. From 1-1 to 24-12 and everything in between.

Uses of the Subtraction Poster

Once you’ve downloaded your poster, use it however best suits you. Whether in a classroom or at home, this poster can provide a splash of educational colour. You can print as an A4 and laminate. Display it on the wall at eye level, or use sellotape to display it flat on a desk.

If you’re using it in a classroom or school, you could even choose to print in a larger size using printer settings. At a larger size (like A3), kids will be able to see the numbers more clearly.  Every time they pass it they’ll have the opportunity to see – and (probably passively) absorb – the information.

This poster can also be used to demonstrate patterns of subtraction. 12-1+11, 11-1+10, 10-1+9 and so on. If you make a game of it, the children will be more likely to engage, learn and remember.

For example, you could use flashcards with subtraction sums written on them. The child with the most correct answers wins. In a different version of the game, this could also be set up using playing cards, Jenga blocks or jigsaw puzzle pieces. If the sums are suitably challenging, kids can use the poster as a reference while their skills develop.

As children become more confident in their abilities, they will become more independent. Numerical skills last a lifetime and help build a solid foundation in logical thinking, problem analysis, and problem-solving.

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