Free Printable Multiplication Poster

Reciting multiplication tables is a rite of passage. Singing the sums over and over until they finally stick. But once you’ve got it, you’ve got it! Are you helping kids achieve mastery of the times tables? You can download a free printable multiplication poster here.

Multiplication can be a pain for kids to learn. It just doesn’t relate as well to their experience. Outside of school, kids don’t normally come across situations. Where would they need to do a quick 6×8 or 9×9? Having a reference poster available to look at might just help them memorise the sums.

Some kids learn better with visualisation. Combined with practice workbooks and real examples you can help kids learn their multiplications by heart.

Teaching Multiplication

  • Emphasise that multiplication is simply repeated addition: for example, 3+3+3
  • is the same as 3×3. Relating new facts to old keeps it relevant.
  • Ready to dive straight into the facts of multiplication? Before you do, try skip counting. This is counting in 2’s, 3’s 4’s etc. Essentially, it’s learning to count the answers. You can cover the sums on the poster with a card or a Post-It. The kids can skip-count the answers. Once they’ve recognised the pattern, it might be easier to remember the tables as a whole.
  • Start with the easy ones (of course!) – build up their confidence and get them thinking about the relationships between numbers.
  • Counting in fives and tens is easier. The pattern is clearer. Let kids get the hang of it using the 5 and 10 times table.
  • Talk about equal groups. Relate multiplication to everyday life. Group items that come in 3’s, 4’s 5’s etc. Then ask – how many fingers on 3 hands? How many legs on 3 cats? By making the numbers real, children are more likely to relate to the concept of multiplication.

Multiplication Poster Details and Uses

This printable poster is bright, colourful and simple. Each number table has its own colour, helping to draw focus in the right direction. The font is clear to read and appealing to a young audience.

 There are 12 numbers included, each number has 13 multiplications. It would be suitable for young kids learning the basics and the older kids doing more challenging work.

Uses of the Multiplication Poster

The poster can be used as an A4 (for individual use) or increased in size through printer settings. A large poster would be suitable for displaying on the wall in an accessible area. As a smaller A4, it could be laminated and taped to the desk or tucked inside a notebook.

This poster can also be used to demonstrate patterns of multiplication. If you make a game of it, the children will be more likely to engage, learn and remember. You could use numbered cards: have kids draw 2 and answer the sum. A handy reference will encourage kids to look up the answer if they’re stuck.

As children become more confident in their abilities, they will become more independent. Numerical skills last a lifetime and help build a solid foundation in logical thinking, problem analysis, and problem-solving.

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