Butterfly Outline Templates

Butterfly Outline Templates

These butterfly outline templates are great for colouring beautiful butterflies with whatever colours you want to give them. Our blank butterflies stencils give you a great place to make whatever patterns and colours you want to.

These butterfly stencils for painting are great decorations too. Print as many as you want and make a rainbow, or wallpaper your house with butterflies of different colours.

Mandala Butterfly Stencil

This butterfly has beautiful wings made of intricate designs. Like a mandala, you can colour these butterfly outline templates in whatever colours you want- use different shades or use contrasting colours.

Or, choose the blank butterfly and make your own mandala. How complicated can you make the patterns? Can you make the pattern match?

Bonus Fun- Pick one colour from your crayon, and use all the shades of that colour to make the butterfly’s wings beautiful!

Butterfly Outline Templates

Stained Glass Butterfly Outline Templates

This beautiful butterfly stencil is like a work of art. With lots of angles and corners, we think that it looks like stained glass. Can you turn this stained glass butterfly into a riot of colour?

Below is a stencil simple butterfly outline. What shapes do you think this stained glass butterfly should have? What would your stained glass window look like if you were building one? Use all your favourite colours to make a stained glass butterfly of your own.

butterfly blank

Monarch Butterfly Outline

Who doesn’t love a Monarch Butterfly? With beautiful orange and brown wings, with flecks of yellow, our Monarch butterfly stencil is waiting for you to colour it so it can fly off the page.

Our blank Monarch butterfly outline is perfect for drawing in what you would have a butterfly’s wings look like. If you were making butterflies, what would you make their wings look like? What colours, what patterns?

tiny butterfly outline

Cotton Candy Butterfly Outline Templates

This butterfly stencil looks sweet! We think it looks like swirls of cotton candy swirling in the machine. Can you colour this butterfly in cotton candy colours to make it look like it’s a fun fair treat?

If it doesn’t look like cotton candy to you, what does it look like? Colour it how you think it looks.

What’s your favourite sweet treat? Use the blank outline butterfly silhouette to make a butterfly with your favourite treat on the wings. Is it licorice, or maybe chocolate? Give your butterfly stencil the sweetest wings around.

simple outline of butterfly

Fairy Butterfly Outline Design

This butterfly stencil has beautiful wings like a fairy. We think she looks like a cousin of the tooth fairy’s. If she is a cousin of the tooth fairy’s, what do you think she does? Is she a memory fairy, or maybe she’s a sunset fairy? Colour your fairy butterfly with the colours of her job.

Use the blank butterfly outline to make your own fairy butterfly. What does it look like? Do you use swirls or corners, shapes or just colours? Make a beautiful butterfly fairy your way.

butterfly outline easy

Colourful Butterflies Stencils

This butterfly outline template is ready to go out and party! Dress him up in his best colourful wings. Give him a party look that all the other butterflies will be jealous of.

What’s your favourite party outfit? Use the blank butterfly stencil to show us what you put on to party!

simple butterflies outline

Grasshopper Big Butterfly Stencils

This butterfly looks like what a grasshopper would look like after going into his cocoon. Of course, grasshoppers and butterflies are different, but what do you think it would look like if a grasshopper became a butterfly?

What’s your favourite bug? Use the blank stencil simple butterfly outline to make the butterfly you think your favourite bug would turn into.

butterfly outline stencil

Princess Butterfly Stencil

This princess flies over the land, flapping her beautiful wings. What colour do you think a princess’s wings should be? Give this princess butterfly beautiful wings to take to the ball!

You’re already a princess, but if you were a princess butterfly, what would your wings look like? Use the blank butterfly outline templates to draw and colour your princess butterfly wings.

butterfly stencil outline

Cloud Butterfly Stencils for Painting

This butterfly can soar up to the skies. His wings are light and fluffy like a cloud. What colours do you see in clouds? Are they light colours like in a fluffy sky? Or maybe you want a butterfly that flies through storm clouds, with dark greys and lightning on its wings?

What shapes do you see in clouds? Use the blank butterfly stencil to draw the last cloud shapes you saw outside.

printable realistic butterfly outline

Mother Butterfly Outline Templates

We think this butterfly looks like your mom right before she gives you a great big hug. Reaching out to wrap her warm arms tight around you. What are your mom’s favourite colours? Colour this butterfly in her favourite colours and give it to her as a present for being your favourite mom.

What about your dad? What would your dad look like if he was a butterfly? Draw your dad as a butterfly on the blank outline butterfly silhouette, and colour it his favourite colours.

drawings of butterflies to print

Autumn Butterfly Outline Templates

This is the butterfly that brings fall. What colours do you think of when you think about autumn? Colour this butterfly with all the oranges, yellows and reds of your favourite fall tree.

Make your own autumn pattern on the blank butterfly stencil. Can you draw autumn leaves? What else reminds you of autumn?

free printable butterfly templates

Winter Big Butterfly Stencils

Winter’s coming, and this butterfly is bringing it. What colour is winter? What are the colours that you think of when you think of winter? Dress this butterfly up in all the best winter colours.

What’s your favourite part of winter? Colour the blank outline butterfly silhouette with your favourite winter colours, activities, or scenes!

butterfly image to color

Summer Butterfly Outline Templates

With all its swirls and happiness, this butterfly blankets the world in summer. Colour this butterfly stencil for painting with all the best colours of summer so it’s ready to bring the season out.

What’s your favourite summer memory? Draw your favourite summer memory on the blank butterfly stencil.

outline of butterfly to color

Spring Butterfly Stencil Simple Butterfly Outline

Before summer can come back, spring sets the scene. What colours does the spring butterfly have on its wings? Make this butterfly ready to bring everything back after winter.

What does spring mean? Use the blank outline butterfly silhouette to draw your version of a spring butterfly.

color sheets of butterflies

Sunshine Butterfly Stencil

This butterfly flies through sunshine. We think its wings look like the sky during a beautiful day. What colour do you think a sunshine butterfly should be?

What’s your favourite time of day? Do you like when the sunshine is high in the sky, or when it’s sunset? Maybe sunrise? Draw your version of a sunrise butterfly on the blank stencil simple butterfly outline.

printable pictures of butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Outline- Side View

These side views of the butterfly outline are a great decoration. Print a bunch off in different sizes and use these big butterfly stencils for whatever you want.

butterfly side view template

Butterfly Stencils

With these cool butterfly stencils for painting, you can decorate, or just make your favourite butterfly. If you’re looking for more Just Family Fun butterfly fun, look at our butterfly colouring page for more butterfly colouring fun. If you’re looking for more family fun, come check us out at our main page, and make sure you let us know how much fun you had!

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