Who doesn`t want limitless free fun for the whole family?

That`s what you`ll get with these amazing activity sheets! With multiple games on every page, and with a massive 15 different activity sheets to choose from, the kids will go wild for our latest addition to justfamilyfun.com. We are excited to announce the newest addition to our collection of free learning and fun games, and I think you’re going to love it!

Keeping children entertained can be a bit of a challenge, with attention spans seeming to get shorter every day! But with our new activity sheets, you can relax as your children spend an afternoon charting their way through mazes or playing spot the difference, dot-to-dot, word searches on their favourite animals, the list is endless!

Got a football crazy dinosaur enthusiast in the house? We’ve got you covered! Get out the pencils and sit your child down with our amazing Football and Dinosaur activity sheets!

How about those that love make-believe? Don’t worry, we have everything they need too, from Fairies and Mermaids to Unicorns and Rainbows! Dogs? We love them, finding Pirate Treasure? Yes, please!

We have everything from Under The Sea searches for starfish, to Mazes in Space, Monster word searches, and Design Your Shield to stop the Dragon!

There`s something for every child’s imagination on our new, free-to-download Activity Sheets, and it`s not just fun to be had, with a Wordsearch on every sheet, your kids will be learning while they play!

Our activity sheets also make great placemats at the kitchen table! Why not have some ready for dinner tonight, and you will never have to worry about the kids sitting down for meals again! Wouldn`t you want to fill this in before you eat?

I know I would!, Or how about Creeping through the deepest, darkest Jungle? Swimming with Mermaids or racing along on the back of a Unicorn? Imagine designing the kit for your favourite football team, what football-mad kid hasn’t designed their own kit? 

As we said, we`ve got something for everyone with our amazing, and free, Activity Sheets!

You could even laminate the sheets, to reuse them again and again, all you need do is wipe the sheets down once the kids have finished with them!

Perfect for kids’ parties to place around the table, and even to put into party bags for your child’s school friends to take away themselves, justfamilyfun.com is here to help! We have two birthday-related Activity sheets that would be perfect for just such an occasion. You could even make up a game of who finishes their word search first to really focus the kids’ attention. And while you are at it, why not get the kids to make some amazing Chocolate Chip Shortbread too! It’s not just about the fun, or the learning here you know! We believe in a treat after some serious word searching and dot to dot too! Why not jump over to our Easy Chocolate Chip Shortbread Recipe and your kids could be munching away on our delicious, and super easy to make, shortbread! By the time the party is over, you can have had them in the oven for 10 minutes and pack one each into the party bags too!

But back to our Activity Sheets, just in case you would rather just mix and match, here is a list of all 15 of our amazing Activity Sheets for your kids to pick from:

  • Birthday Activity Sheet 1
  • Birthday Activity Sheet 2
  • Dinosaur Activity Sheet
  • Dog Activity Sheet
  • Dragon Activity Sheet
  • Fairy Activity Sheet
  • Football Activity Sheet
  • Jungle Animals Activity Sheet
  • Mermaid Activity Sheet
  • Monsters Activity Sheet
  • Pirate Ship Activity Sheet
  • Rainbow Activity Sheet
  • Space Activity Sheet
  • Under the Sea Activity Sheet
  • Unicorn Activity Sheet

As you can see, we have really gone all out to make sure every child has something they could enjoy here, and with each sheet containing three different games to enjoy, it’s both a great way to while away a rainy afternoon and a great way to get a group together and have some party fun with!

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We have so many activities available to download here at justfamilyfun.com, you will never have to worry about having something to hand for your child to learn from, colour in, or find, ever again. Your child may especially enjoy our Rainbow Activity Sheet, with its amazing hummingbird to colour in. Get your child to use the ROYGBIV guide to colour each part in properly. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, by keeping to the guide you will soon have a vivid and beautiful hummingbird on your hands!

Get your child practicing their numbers with our Amazing Space themed dot-to-dot rocket, and follow up by building on their knowledge of Science as they complete our word search (good luck finding Galaxy! It took us ages)

If Space is your kids’ thing, and NASA is the only place they want to work when they grow up, why not check out our How To Make A Paper Rocket In 10 Easy Steps Guide?  You don’t need many materials, and you can keep your very own Neil Armstrong quiet for hours as they craft their very own Rocket to the Moon!

While your child is working on their new science career, why not get them to look at our fantastic Free Printable Addition Chart PDF too? There`s no time like the present to start building their knowledge and confidence up, and 3-4 years old is the perfect time to start your kids on simple math to help their development.

If Science isn`t their thing, and you have a budding naturalist on your hands, make sure you download our Free Under The Sea Activity Sheet to boost your mini Attenboroughs` animal knowledge, Our Dog Activity Sheet is also great for that, can they find all 9 dog breeds on the word search?

Here at Justfamilyfun.com you know we’re ready for any child’s hobbies, so why not get your budding naturalist over to our colouring pages, we have some amazing sheets for you to download at our usual price, that’s right, FREE! Check out our Animal Colouring Pages here!

 And finally, with all of these activities going on, all the competition! The carnage! Who won what game again? How many points did your child get? Who completed their Activity Sheets first? Keeping score can be as big a headache for parents as tidying up afterward is! Well fear not weary parent, at justfamilyfun.com we know what it’s like to have to keep track of 25 things at once, so we came up with this – The Free Printable Reward Chart Template – never again lose track of who is winning, who completed what Activity Sheet, or built the best rocket, or drew the coolest animal picture.

If you are feeling super brave, you could even use one to keep track of bedroom tidying duties! Pretty sure it isn’t your turn to feed the hamster? Check the chart to see who got the last sticker for feeding time! We hope you and your kids loved using our latest Activity Sheets as much as we enjoyed getting them ready for you, see you soon for our next installment to justfamilyfun.com!

As always, have fun, and enjoy!

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