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Do you live for crafting and love to share your knowledge with others? If so, we have great news for you! On justfamilyfun we are always looking for talented crafters to join our team of guest bloggers. As a guest blogger, you will get to pick the topic of your choice, or simply ask one of our editors to find a topic for you. However, if you do go with your own topic, please choose one that has not already appeared on our website.

While we would like to publish everyone’s work, unfortunately, we can’t. To increase your chances of getting published, please follow our guidelines which you can find below.

Article Requirements (Q&A, How to, etc.)

  • All articles need to have a minimum word count of 700 and a maximum of 2000.
  • All articles should contain quality visual elements such as videos, images, or charts.
  • All articles should flow well and be organized.
  • All articles need to start with an introduction followed by distinct sections.
  • All articles should not contain solid blocks of text.

Articles Requirements for Tutorials, Full Crafts, and Recipes

  • Each project is required to have a 100-word introduction.
  • Each project should come with full instructions and a complete materials list.
  • Each project’s set of instructions should be easy to understand and well written.
  • Each project needs to have at least one quality photo. More photos are encouraged.
  • Each project should have a total word count of at least 700+ words.
  • Each project has to be well-written and free of grammatical errors. Make sure that you edit the project before submitting it.

Topic Ideas

If you need topic ideas we would be glad to help! We are always in need of articles on the following topics.

  • Kids Crafts
  • Family Crafts


To submit an article or project, please send us a query using the Contact Us page. In the query please write a short description of your article or project. Under normal conditions, we will contact you within 1 to 2 business days. Once we get back to you we will let you know if your article is right for our site. Then you will be required to send all content and images to us. We may edit your article or project for SEO purposes.


Payment via Paypal.

Word Count Compensation
700 Words£10
1000 Words£13
2000 Words£17

Thank you very much for your interest in sharing knowledge on JustFamilyFun!

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