Printable Planet Flashcards And Space

If your kids are fascinated by space, or you’re looking to boost their knowledge about the planets and the universe, then look no further!  Our free printable planets and space flashcards are a helpful and exciting way to teach youngsters about the solar system and beyond. These fun,  educational flash cards are perfect for introducing children to the names of the planets and to new space vocabulary.

Does your little one love to dress up as an astronaut or gaze at the stars in the night sky? Space is one topic that is guaranteed to spark your child’s imagination! Our printable planets and space flashcards help make learning fun and can be used in lots of different ways at home or in the classroom. You can use them to teach the kids space-themed words or spellings, display them in the classroom, or get creative and use them for fun matching games.

We’ve got 24 printable planets and space flashcards in total for you to enjoy, each with labeled pictures of the planets, the Milky Way, a space shuttle, a rocket, and much, much more. So if you’re looking for a stellar resource to excite your young space cadets, print out our flashcards and get ready for some astronomical learning fun!

What's Included In Our Planet Flashcards?

If you’re ready to launch the kids into learning all about space, simply download our planet and space flashcard PDFs onto your PC.  Print each file onto white card, then cut out the individual flash cards ready to use – it’s as simple as that!

There are six PDFs to download in total, each containing four planets and space flashcards. Every flashcard has a detailed picture showing the appearance of a planet or space-themed object, so it’s easy for the kids to recognize Saturn’s rings or the beautiful spiral of a galaxy.

Planet And Space Flashcards 1

space flashcards free printables

Planet And Space Flashcards 2

Planet And Space Flashcards 3

solar system flashcards

Planet And Space Flashcards 4

planet flashcards printable

Planet And Space Flashcards 5

planet pictures for preschool

Planet And Space Flashcards 6

printable planets for preschoolers

Even More Space Activities

If our planet and space flash cards have ignited your little one’s interest in the universe, we’ve got some out-of-this-world planet fact sheets to print out and enjoy. Bursting with informative and fascinating facts about each planet in our solar system, you can use these helpful fact sheets as a fun quiz to make learning about space even more interactive.

And if you’re looking to dive into the topic of space even further, check out this fabulous space-themed art activity by

This lovely craft project will help the kids to learn even more about the solar system whilst being creative, too.

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