9 Printable Phone Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a fun activity to keep the kids busy for a while? Then we’ve got something exciting for you – a collection of nine phone coloring pages that’ll take your little ones on a journey through the  history of communication gadgets. 

We’ve covered every type of phone in this fantastic coloring page set, from traditional vintage telephones to the modern smartphones that we can’t live without today.

cell phone coloring pages

These printable phone coloring pages are perfect for teaching the kids about phones from the past with their chunky buttons and retro rotary dials, and parents and grandparents can enjoy the nostalgia! The children can then fast forward to the sleek and stylish smartphones that dominate everyone’s pockets today, and color those designs in too.

So if you’re a history lover, tech geek or simply want to teach your kids how phones have changed throughout the years, these coloring pages are for you. 

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they add color and flair to these timeless phone designs, and they can even draw icons, emojis, or pictures on the smartphone coloring page screens if they want to.

Simply grab some colored pens or pencils,  and make the phones pop with a splash of creativity! 

Get Creative With Our Phone Coloring Pages

Check out our fabulous collection of phone coloring pages below. We’ve made 9 unique designs, featuring everything from modern smartphones to classic rotary dial telephones. Simply click the download button under your favorite coloring page, save to your computer, then print. 

Vintage Phone Coloring Page 1

Vintage Phone Coloring Page 2

Vintage Phone Coloring Page 3

Cell Phone Coloring Page 1

Cell Phone Coloring Page 2

Cell Phone Coloring Page 3

Smart Phone Coloring Page 1

Smart Phone Coloring Page 2

Smart Phone Coloring Page 3

How About Some Phone Crafts?

If the kids enjoyed our phone coloring pages, why not extend the fun with a phone-related craft activity? We have a full step-by-step guide on how to make phones from tin cans and string here.

If you fancy trying a more modern phone-related craft, check out www.createinthechaos.com for a free template to make a mobile phone out of card. The kids will love to play with the phone once they’ve made it, and you can make as many as you like so the children can ‘call’ each other. Happy crafting!

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