Printable Iconic Landmark Quiz

Do you love stumping yourself (and your friends) with fun and quirky quizzes? Perfect, because we have this printable landmark picture quiz designed to put your brains to the test! 

What is a landmark, you may ask? Landmarks are a recognizable object or feature associated with a specific place. These features can be found across the globe and are famously associated to the spot that they are found in.

To keep you on your toes, we’ve round up 18 snapshots featuring some of the most iconic landmarks around the world. All you have to do is name them all correctly! Sounds easy enough, right?

We’ll take it easy on you (this time) and only ask you the name of the landmark instead of facts about the landmark! This may sound easy, but rest assured, we brought our A-game. 

You may think you are a whizz when it comes to naming landmarks throughout the world, but we are confident that we can make you stop and think twice Show off your knowledge of famous landmarks and download this picture quiz now! 

Our Landmark Picture Quiz Contains:

Our landmark picture quiz consists of three pages, each featuring six picture questions of different landmarks. Under each image, you can place your best guess on the line! Don’t worry if you find yourself at a loss, though, as we included an answer sheet to check yourself at the end! 

Quiz Page 1

world landmarks quiz

Quiz Page 2

name a famous landmark

Quiz Page 3

famous landmarks quiz

Was Our Landmark Quiz Too Easy?

If our landmark picture quiz was no match for you and your mad skills and you are looking for more challenges, explore our large selection of entertaining quizzes. You will find fun topics such as The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and many others in our family quiz section!

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