Printable Build a Fish Cut-Out Template

All kids love activities involving wildlife! Our free printable fish outline is a great activity for you to get creative.

Below you will find instructions on how to use the downloadable build a fish cut-out template, followed by fun suggestions on further activities you can do with your fish.


fish cut out template
fish outline template

How to Build the Clownfish

Steps For Building The Clownfish

Step1: If you want to colour your own clownfish, colour in the parts first.
Step2: Carefully cut around the different parts. It’s easiest if you cut out each piece roughly first and then cut more neatly. Ask an adult to help if it’s a bit tricky.
Step 3: Glue on the yellow-white stripes.
Step 4:Glue the fins and tail. Use the first page of the download to see where they should go.

And there you have it – your clownfish!

How To Have Fun with your Clownfish!

There are lots of exciting things you can do with your new fish!

Fishing game (2 players)

fishing game

Fishing Game Steps

Step 1: Attach a paperclip to the fish’s mouth.
Step 2: Tie some string around the end of a pencil or small stick. You’ll want two of these.
Step 3: Tie a small magnet to the other end.
Step 4: Make a few more fish and add a paperclip to each.
Step 5: Write a number from 1 – 5 on the back of each fish.

How to play Fishing Game

To play the game, lay the fish down so you can’t see the numbers. Try and pick up a fish with your magnet. Then the other person has a go. When all the fish have been caught, add up the numbers from your fish. Whoever has the highest number wins!

Matching game (2 players)

On the back of each fish, write some things that can be matched, such as shapes, numbers, letters or sounds. You could also draw some coloured dots, or draw little pictures of fruit. Make sure you have two fish with each shape, number, letter, sound, dot or picture.

How To Play The Matching Game

To play, lay the fish face up. Take it in turns to pick a fish and then find its matching pair. If you make a match, then put both those fish to the side. Then your partner has a go. If you don’t find a pair, put both fish back in place, making sure the other player has seen what’s on the back of the fish. The winner is the person with the most pairs.

Create A Puppet show

Puppet shows are always lots of fun! You can use some other outline templates from JustFamilyFun, to go with your fish (maybe some mermaids from the colouring pages).

mini fish puppet show

Steps To Creating A Puppet Show

Step 1: Build and colour some fish and other characters.
Step 2: Attach a pencil, straw or small stick to the back of each cut-out, at the top.
Step 3: Cut the top out of your cardboard box (you might need an adult to help with this).
Step 4: Decorate your box. This will be the background to your play, so an obvious theme would be the ocean, but you could be creative and put on a play about a fish in space! Or maybe your clownfish is lost in the desert. Perhaps it’s enjoying life in the jungle? Let your imagination run wild!

Now find someone to watch your show!

Underwater scene

Steps to build the underwater scene

Step 1: Draw and colour an amazing underwater scene on your card or paper. You can include seaweed, shells, shipwrecks, crabs, sharks, mermaids, jellyfish, buried treasure… Anything you like!
Step 2: Glue the fish onto your scene.
Step 3: Hang up your wonderful artwork so everyone can admire it!

Patterned Clown Fish

Steps to creating the patterned clown fish

Step 1: Using the plain black and white fish outline, stick sequins and other little things onto your clownfish.
Step 2: Make up a story to explain why your clownfish is not orange with white stripes!

Create a pebble fish

You can use your pebble fish to decorate your room or your garden. You could also use them as counters in a game.

Pebble Fish

Pebble fish steps

Step 1: Glue your fish onto a pebble.
Step 2: Cover the top of the fish in glue to make it water-resistant.

Fishy Treasure Hunt (2 players)

How to play fishy treasure hunt?

Step 1: Make some fish using the free downloadable templates.
Step 2: Hide them around the house (or ask someone else to hide them if you want to have a go at playing the game).

To play, see who can find the most fish!

There is so much you can do with your clownfish outline. Try some of these activities and then see if you can think of more of your own. Have fun!

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