16 Printable Occupations Flashcards

Does your child know what they want to be when they grow up? Help inspire your little one with our fabulous printable occupations flashcards. They’re ideal for teaching your child all about different careers and jobs.

We’ve got free printable flashcards for 16 different occupations for your child to learn about and discuss. Is their dream job on there? Or maybe they can recognize jobs their parents and other family members do? These flashcards are great for showing some of the varied jobs in our world and for inspiring future career choices.

Each colorful flashcard features a fun illustration of a different occupation. They’re perfect for using in the classroom for sparking a discussion about careers with the children. Which of the jobs would they like to do when they grow up? Do the kids know what each job involves? Can they think about the advantages or disadvantages of each occupation?

Printable Occupations Flashcards

There are lots of benefits to using our occupations flashcards: 

  • As well as learning the names of different occupations, it’s a great opportunity to introduce children to other vocabulary related to different jobs. 
  • Use the flashcards to help the kids learn how to spell different occupations.
  • Are you studying different jobs as part of a topic in the classroom? Our eye-catching flashcards with clear labels for each occupation are perfect for using in displays.
  • We’ve designed our printable occupations flashcards with kids of all ages in mind, and they’re great at keeping the children interested in the topic.  

Looking for a fun interactive activity to help the children learn about different occupations?

Why not try some of these ideas for using our printable occupations flashcards.

  • Ask the children to act out each of the jobs on the flash cards as part of a fun role-play activity. You could use a dressing up box and fun props, too.
  • While hiding the label, show your child the image on a flashcard and ask them to identify the occupation. This is a great way to test how much they know already or have learned.

  • Choose a flashcard but don’t tell your child which card you have. Ask them to guess the occupation on the card by asking lots of questions, such as “Does this job involve food?” 

  • Print two copies of the flashcards and play a game of occupation snap! If you want to make the game more advanced, the winner has to shout the correct vocabulary when two identical jobs appear!
  • Why not take your flash cards on a walk out and about with your child. Can they spot anyone doing the jobs on the cards?

Introducing our youngsters to different occupations helps them understand the world they live in. It also gives them a clearer idea about what their older family members do daily while the children study in the classroom. It also gives them more of an appreciation of the different work that adults do and what’s involved in various jobs.

Teaching kids about different careers gives them something to work towards and shows them many different options for when they are older. Whatever your child’s interests and hobbies, learning about different occupations shows your little one that they can find a job that suits them when they grow up.

Our Occupation Flashcards Include:

Our occupations printable flash cards print out 4 to a page, which makes them perfect for all kinds of learning activities and for using in classroom display areas.

The fun illustration for each job is designed to appeal to kids, and clearly show the typical uniform or outfit that someone involved in that occupation would wear everyday. We’ve also shown the tools or objects used by the person doing the job – perfect for sparking further discussion about careers or introducing more vocabulary work.

We’ve included some classic career choices as well as some occupations that your child might not know everything about, including:

  • Salesman
  • Lawyer
  • Cook/chef
  • Dentist
  • Waitress
  • Waiter
  • Doctor
  • Hairdresser
  • Architect
  • Mechanic
  • Engineer
  • Soccer Player
  • Baker
  • Teacher
  • Pilot
  • Tailor/Fashion Designer

Our printable occupation flash cards are designed to be quick and easy to print and cut out. To get the best out of the flash cards, we recommend the following:

  1. Print onto thick paper or card to make the cards more durable so they can be reused lots of times.
  2. When making your cards, use the highest quality printer settings and print onto plain white card for the best results.
  3. If you want to use the flash cards as part of a class room display, cut out each card and glue onto a black or coloured background for more impact.


If you’ve enjoyed using our occupations flashcards with your child, why not explore our other printable flashcards? We have lots to choose from, including our lovely printable weather flashcards – perfect for expanding your little one’s vocabulary and introducing children to topics such as climate and the world around us.

If you’re looking to dive into the topic of occupations and jobs even further, check out this fabulous craft activity at: www.tes.com.

This lovely art project will help the kids learn even more about different career options whilst being creative, too.

The kids will love creating and then playing with these occupations paper bag puppets, and each puppet has a male and female option to choose from. There are plenty of different jobs to choose from including police officer, firefighter, baker/chef, teacher and veterinarian. It’s perfect for sparking some fun role-play games as well as igniting further discussions about different jobs and occupations.our

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