100 Funny Lunch Box Notes For Kids

With hard math classes and short recess breaks, school days can feel relentless and monotonous for students of any age. As a parent, the separation from your child for hours a day may cause distress or guilt. We have an easy and fun solution! Get ready to laugh your head off with jokes like…

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? Thunderwear!

To brighten your kid’s day and maintain the connection you share even when apart, include our funny lunch box notes in their daily lunch! Sneak a letter in their sandwich bag or hide a joke under their crisps so every school meal is a surprise.

What’s Included In Our Lunch Box Notes

Just Family Fun’s free printable note cards contain the funniest jokes to put in your kid’s lunch. From math teasers to movie references, we have included everything.

What does a cow call an earthquake? A milkshake!

Each note is easy to read and bordered by colorful graphics designed for your kid’s entertainment.

Here’s the best way to use your free joke cards:

  1. Download our free printable here.
  2. Print out all five sheets of jokes for kids
    Tip: we recommend printing in full color to have the best presentation!
  3. Cut around the border of all forty notes
    Tip: glue each note onto an index card or laminate it. This will make it sturdier and less prone to rips or tears!
  4. Hide the notes in a kitchen cabinet so your kids can’t read them all at once. Include one in their lunchbox each morning!

Why did the two 4’s skip dinner? Because they already 8!

Extra Fun

  1. If you have multiple lunches to pack, keep a rotation of jokes going. Give each of your kids a note and switch them around the next day.
  2. Add your own note, joke, or picture on the back of our jokes. Tell your kids how much you love them or draw a silly photo of you two together!

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Feel free to send us a picture of your kid’s lunchbox, complete with a funny lunch joke. You can also share your best jokes; do you have what it takes to make your own notes?

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing?

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