3 Printable Kite Template Craft

Try not to be blown away by our kite template package for kids! These customizable kite crafts perfectly compliment sunny days outside or make up for rainy days spent at home.

With an endless number of activities and games to play, Just Family Fun’s free, printable kite templates will provide a family-friendly way to spend the afternoon. Great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and toddlers alike!

kite template craft

What’s Included With Our Kite Templates:

This set includes seven black-and-white kite patterns to download and print.

Six of the kite templates have various designs and images for your children’s interests to color in, such as flowers, a lighthouse, and animals. One of the kite templates is blank for you to decorate freely!

Alongside our printable materials, you will need scissors, glue, and string or ribbon to build your kite.

How to Make a Kite:

  1. Print out your favorite kite cut-out from our collection.
    Tip: print the template on A4 or A3 cardstock paper to make the best kite.

  2. Carefully cut along the border of the kite face and four tails.

  3. Color, paint, or decorate your kite face and tails.
    Tip: the lighter your kite remains, the better it will fly. Don’t go overboard with the embellishments!

  4. Cut an appropriate length of string, ribbon, or twine rope to reign in your kite.
    Tip: if you plan to fly your kite outside, cut two yards of string. If you’re hanging it for decoration at home, cut one foot.

  5. Attach your string to the backside of your kite with glue, heavy duty tape, or staples.

  6. Gently tie your four kite tails to the string.
    Tip: tie the tails near the kite so they don’t interfere with your grip on the string lower down.
kite crafts for preschoolers

Activities to Try With Your Kite:

  1. Learn some fun facts about kites! Did you know…
    Kites come in many shapes and sizes. Just Family Fun’s paper kite templates are quadrilaterals, or four-sided shapes, called rhombuses.

    Paper kites were invented by Chinese philosophers in the 5th Century BCE (around 3,000 years ago). They were originally developed for military use in wars.

    The biggest kite in the world measures up to 1034 meters in length.

    Kites helped Benjamin Franklin learn about electricity! Franklin attached a metal key to his kite string during a thunderstorm. Electricity from lightning passed through the wet string and into the metal key. This provided proof for many scientific theories and developed our understanding of electricity!

    There are sports that involve flying kites. For example: kitesurfing, snow kiting, and kite buggying. Hangliding and paragliding are extreme sports where the athlete is attached to a giant kite and flies through the air with it!

    Kites are able to fly because they weigh very little, but have a large surface area. This means lots of air and wind can press against the kite’s face without much weight pushing back!

  2. Try flying your kite outside
    If you think your kite is up for the challenge, take it outside on a windy day!

    Ensure your child has a firm grasp on the kite’s string. As a gust of wind passes, toss the kite into the air and watch it float!

    If there isn’t enough wind to sustain a fly, encourage your child to run which allows their speed to pull the kite through the air behind them.

  3. Hang the kite up as a decoration
    If you’d prefer to save your masterpiece from the elements, you can hang it up at home. Attach it to the wall or fridge using transparent tape or Blu Tack.

    If you have multiple kite makers at home, you can create a mural of kite fliers on the wall! Hang up green construction paper, representing a field or park, and sketch each child. Ensure each drawing is holding their kite’s string as it hangs on the wall above.

  4. Use the kite templates as coloring sheets
    Set your kids free to decorate and color in their black-and-white kite templates as they please. This encourages creativity and allows young children to express their thoughts in a fun way!
  5. Use different artistic mediums and tools
    If your little ones have mastered crayons and colored pencils, let them try decorating their kite crafts with other artistic mediums. Safely using glitter, sequins, snippets of paper, and string can improve your childrens’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!
  6. Play kite toss
    Toss a kite into the air and have your children race to capture it before it reaches the ground. To increase the competition, punch or cut holes in the kite’s face so there is less air resistance.
  7. Conduct a flight competition
    To encourage creativity and a passion for science in your children, prepare a STEM competition. They must work with their kite to find out whose can fly the longest! This project can be as flexible as you want. Provide various materials for your kids to enhance their kite, such as glitter, marshmallows, feathers, cardboard, stickers, felt, and extra paper. Allow a dedicated amount of time to decorating the kites then time how long each kite can remain in the air before falling. Whichever kite flies the longest wins!


In conclusion, our printable kite templates offer a world of fun and creativity for children of all ages. Whether you choose to fly your kite on a breezy day, proudly display it as a decoration, or engage in various activities and games, these templates provide endless opportunities for entertainment and learning.

From coloring and decorating to exploring scientific principles, each step of the kite-making process encourages imagination and skill development. So, grab your materials, unleash your creativity, and let your kite take flight into a world of excitement and wonder.

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