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Do you enjoy using Apps on your phone or tablet? Can you tell the YouTube logo from the Snapchat logo? Then we have the perfect quiz for you!

Try out our fantastic printable Guess the Apps quiz and find out if you really are an applications expert! All you need to do is identify each app from just the logo. Sounds easy, but it’s much harder than it looks! Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones or other computer screens, and when we’re online we normally use Apps. But just how many Apps can you name correctly simply by looking at a logo?


guess the app quiz

When it comes to smartphone apps, those tiny square icons on our screens have been specially designed to make your brain think “I want to tap on this!”  We might see these icons several times each day, but can we remember which app they belong to when they’re printed on a piece of paper instead of appearing on our home screen?

This entertaining quiz is a brilliant activity for a trivia night with friends or family or if you’re looking for a boredom buster on a long journey. If you’re looking to entertain the whole family, this fun quiz will even appeal to phone-obsessed teenagers!  It’s also perfect for an end-of-term quiz for high school children.

If you’re enjoying the quiz with younger children, you can use it to spark a discussion about how logos are designed. Why do you think some logos are easier to remember than others? Which app logo designs do you prefer?

So when you’re ready, take this fun quiz today and find out if you really know apps better than anyone else!

We’ve chosen some easy-to-recognise app logos as well as some that everyone might find a little bit trickier. Rememember to share our printable Guess the Apps Quiz with your family and friends so they can test their app knowledge too! Good luck!

Our Guess The App Picture Quiz Contains:

We’ve included 18 pictures of app logos in our fantastic Guess the Apps quiz to see how well you can identify the different software programs we use on our phones, tablets and computers.

So if you’re ready to show off how much you know about apps, simply download and print our Guess the App quiz now!

Our Guess the App picture quiz consists of two pages, each with nine high-quality images of app logos. There’s plenty of room to write the answer for each question on the line beneath the images.

Each person can write their name and score on the answer sheet, and we’ve included the answers to all the questions so you can swap sheets and mark your opponent’s paper. The answer sheet might be useful if you get stuck on any of the trickier questions, too!

Our Guess the App picture quiz is free to print as many times as you like, so you can make as many copies as you need – perfect for large groups and parties.

Why not divide everyone up into teams and play against a timer for some added excitement? How many apps can each team guess before the buzzer sounds? 

Quiz Page 1

printable guess the app

Quiz Page 2

app quiz

Quiz Page 3

Was Our App Quiz Too Easy?

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