Printable Car Brand Logo Quiz

Rev your engines and get ready to race to the finish line! If you are a fan of cars, quizzes and endless fun, look no further than our Printable Car Brand Logo Quiz! 

Car brand logos are some of the most recognizable logos – but can you recognize them ALL? You may see these logos on a regular basis but do you truly know the car brand behind each one?

Test yourself and your loved ones to see who is the greatest car aficionado! This is the perfect activity for a trivia night with friends or holiday entertainment the whole family will enjoy. 

See if you can tell the difference between a Lexus and an Audi, or a Volkswagon and a BMW. These brands, and more, are featured in our quiz. Download now to get access to all the fun!

Our Car Brand Logo Picture Quiz Contains:

Featuring two quiz pages, with 9 unique car brand logos to identify on each page, only true experts will get a perfect score on the first try. Every download comes with a copy of the quiz addition to an answer key. Test yourself now to get a perfect score and prove us wrong! 

Quiz Page 1

Quiz Page 2

Answer Page 3

Was Our Car Brand Logo Too Easy?

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