Free Reading Log Printable Templates For All Ages

Are you looking for ways to encourage your little one to read more often? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a brilliant selection of free reading log printable templates to help your child become a successful and happy reader.

A reading log is a fun tool to help track reading progress and reinforce great reading habits. Whether your youngster is just starting to read or on their way to becoming a fully-fledged bookworm, we’ve got free reading log templates suitable for all ages and abilities.  

reading log printable template

Here are just a few benefits of reading logs:

  • Reading logs help to encouraging great reading habits by including reading as part of a daily routine.
  • Children get a huge sense of achievement from completing a reading log, which helps to boost their confidence.
  • Reading logs help the kids to share a love of reading with others. Youngsters can talk about their reading habits and even recommend books to other children.
  • Keeping a reading log is a great way to record all the books your child has read. They can keep their reading log as a memento and look back on their favorite books.
  • Reading logs can help you and your child set reading goals, such as reading a certain number of pages each day or a set amount of books throughout a year.
  • Even reluctant readers will want to get stuck into a new book if they have a fun reading log to fill in!
Each time your little one completes one of their reading logs for books, you could reward them for their efforts with stickers or a treat. Happy reading!

What’s Included in our Free Reading Log Printable Templates For All Ages

We’ve created 24 fantastic reading logs for books in this collection for you to download and print. These fun designs are bound to keep the kids motivated with their reading and are perfect for logging their progress.

Simply choose the reading log you’d like to use and click on the blue button download to download to your computer. You can print your reading log straight away or to save it to print later.

If your little one is just starting out on their reading journey, our preschool and kindergarten reading logs are a great place to start recording their progress. There’s plenty of space to write down the title of the book, the day they read some of their book, and who they have been reading to, so that parents and teachers can both keep track of your child’s developing reading skills.

We’ve got plenty of reading logs for the older kids, too, and they can enjoy completing the details of each reading session for themselves. Some of our reading logs have a column for rating each title, so the kids can reflect on what they have read and if they enjoyed the book or not. We’ve even got a printable book review worksheet so the kids can write a full review of the book they’ve just read. Encouraging children to think about what they have read is great for developing their understanding of stories and literature.

Hopefully your youngster is developing a lifelong love of reading, and we’ve included a Books To Read printable so that they can write a wish list of books they want to get stuck into next. And if your kid is ready for a really big reading challenge, they can try our 100 Book Challenge. Adults might want to try this one too!

If you’re trying to create some magic and excitement about reading, we’ve got some unusual reading logs to encourage even the most reluctant bookworms. The kids can color a book on the reading log bookshelf each time they finish reading a different title – a great way to make them feel a sense of achievement and lots of fun too. Or we’ve got a reading log with 16 blank books ready to be filled in each time a book is completed.

If you want to keep track of your child’s reading progress each school year as they grow up, we’ve got reading logs to print from 1st Grade all the way to 6th Grade. We’ve also got a printable reading log for each of the four seasons, so your child can track how much they’ve read all year round.

Kindergarten Reading

kindergarten reading log

Preschool Reading

preschool reading log

Reading Tracker

printable reading log pdf

Daily Reading Log

daily reading log

Weekly Reading Log

weekly reading log

Bookshelf Reading Log

color a book reading log

Bookshelf Reading Log

book shelf reading log

Summer Reading Log

summer reading log

Winter Reading Log

winter reading log

Autumn Reading Log

auturmn reading log

Spring Reading Log

spring reading log

Student Reading Log

student reading log

1st Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 1st graders

2nd Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 2nd graders

3rd Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 3rd graders

4th Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 4th graders

5th Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 5th graders

6th Grade Reading Log

reading logs for 6th graders


If our reading logs have ignited your child’s interested in books, we’ve got some delightful printable bookmarks for them to print and color. We’ve got 8 designs to choose from including pirates, unicorns and dinosaurs, and your little one can grab some crayons or pens and add their own unique color scheme. It’s a lovely way to make reading even more fun!

Is your child enjoying the magic of reading and becoming a little bookworm? They might enjoy this lovely bookworm craft from This Crafty family website.

This adorable bookworm is easy to make and will help make reading even more fun.

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