6 Printable Childrens Wolf Mask Templates

Does your little one need a wolf mask for a fancy dress party or a Halloween costume? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy solution! We’ve created six fantastic printable children’s wolf masks that you can easily print in the comfort of your own home.

Simply download our wolf mask templates onto your home PC, then print them out. You can then cut each mask to shape, add a hole on each side, and a bit of elastic. Your kids will then be ready to howl at the moon in style! Our printable masks are perfect for a hassle-free costume-making experience for all the family.

wolf mask template

View Our Wolf Mask Templates

We’ve got a fabulous collection of six printable wolf masks to choose from below. We’ve got light brown wolf masks, dark brown and black masks, and colorful ones with blue and orange fur.

Choose whichever mask suits your little one best, or you could pick a mask that matches the rest of their wolf costume.

Wolf Mask Template 1

printable colorful wolf mask

Wolf Mask Template 2

white wolf mask template

Wolf Mask Template 3

brown wolf mask template

Wolf Mask Template 4

printable black wolf mask

Wolf Mask Template 5

black wolf mask template

Wolf Mask Template 6

printable wolf mask

Even More Wolf Fun

We hope that making our wolf mask has inspired your little ones to enjoy some craft activities. If it did, why not check out this delightful wolf craft on momwifewine.com. This fun, creative project shows the kids how to create a wolf using a paper plate, some paper, glue, and paints. 

And don’t forget, we’ve got a brilliant collection of other animal masks over at justfamilyfun.com! From dogs and cats to cows and pigs, we’ve got lots for you to explore. Click here to check out our printable animal masks and add more fun to your crafting adventures, and maybe inspire some fun role play activities too. 

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