Printable Transportation Flashcards

Is your little one fascinated with transportation? If so, our flash cards are the perfect tool to teach your youngster all about different types of transport, whether your child enjoys a journey in the car, a fun train ride, or if they love to gaze at the planes high up in the sky.

Transport is one of the first things our children notice about the world around them. Every time they see a bright red fire engine and hear a noisy siren, or if they take the bus to nursery or school, our kids learn about how we use transportation to travel to where we want to go, for our jobs, or just for fun.

transport flashcards

We have free printable flashcards for 24 different kinds of transportation for your little one to learn about and discuss.  Is their favorite kind of transport on one of the cards? How many of the different types of transport have they traveled on? Do they know what each vehicle is used for, whether it’s for a job or just for fun? Which do they think is the fastest way to travel, and which is the slowest?

These flashcards are excellent for showing children the varied types of transport in our world and for sparking lots of fun discussions. They’re ideal for helping your child learn lots of new vocabulary, and help them develop their language and memory skills.

There are lots of benefits to using our transportation flashcards: 

  • We’ve created our printable transportation flashcards with children of all ages in mind. The fun, colorful illustrations are designed to keep children interested in the topic.  
  • If you’re learning about transportation as part of a classroom topic, our flashcards are clearly labelled so they can be used in displays.
  • Our simple flashcards help little ones learn how to spell different transportation words.

Here are some fun activities to try using our printable transportation flashcards:

  • Take your flashcards on a journey with your child. Have they traveled using any of the methods of transport on the cards? Can they spot some other types of transportation while you are out and about?
  • Ask your child to organize the cards into land, rail, sea and air categories, or those with a certain number of wheels.
  • Take a selection of our printable transportation flashcards and ask your child to order them based on the size of each vehicle or method of transport.
  • Test how much your little one has learned already by hiding the label on each flashcard and asking them to name the type of transportation.
  • Use our free printable transportation flashcards to spark  imaginative play or role-play activities. Can your little one pretend that they work at an airport, or that they are sailing a ship?
  • Print out two copies of each flashcard, and play snap! Can your child shout the correct name of the vehicle or transportation when two of the same appear?
  • Older children can use the flashcards as a word bank. Ask them to choose a card then write a simple sentence including the vocabulary on the flashcard.

Our Flashcards Include:

Our transportation printable flash cards print out 4 to a page. We’ve labelled each method of transportation clearly beneath each picture, so the flashcards are perfect for classroom display areas and for all different kinds of learning activities.

Each fun illustration is designed to appeal to children of all ages. We’ve included interesting details for each kind of transportation, so there is a lot to talk about with your little one.

We’ve included transportation that your child may see often, such as a car, train or a garbage trucks, as well as more unusual vehicles including a hot air balloon, a monster truck and a jet ski!

The 24 different methods of transportation featured on the cards are: firetruck, bus, train, truck, hot air balloon, taxi, garbage truck, ambulance, tram, forklift, jet ski, monster truck, quad bike, tricycle, submarine, wagon, tank, skateboard, roller skates, scooter, pickup truck, car and ship.

Our printable transportation flash cards are designed to be quick and easy to print and cut out. To get the best out of the flash cards, we recommend the following:

1. Print onto thick white paper or card so your flashcards last for longer. If you laminate the cards, they can be used over and over!

2. For the best results, print using the highest quality settings on your printer.

3. If you want to use the flash cards as part of a class room display, cut out each card and glue onto a black or colored background for more impact.

4. Our occupation flash cards are free to download and print, so you can make as many copies as you need to.   


If our flash cards have ignited your little one’s interest in different kinds of transport, why not try one of our fun travel-themed scavenger hunts. Can they spot the different animals, transport, and objects on your next road trip and mark them off the printable sheet? Or they can learn more about the road with our fun Road Sign Scavenger hunt – perfect for young travel enthusiasts!  Simply print out the sheets and hand them to all the family, then look for the signs. Scavenger hunts are a great way to promote visual learning, and the kids can practice some of the transportation vocabulary that they have learned, too.

If you have little one who loves transport, why not try a fun creative car craft activity? This clever idea by Meraki Mother ( use something we all have around the home (paper toilet rolls!) and creates a fun racing car for little hands to play with.


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