Printable Boy & Girls Police Mask Templates

Are you looking for a police mask for a last-minute fancy dress costume or some cops and robbers role play fun? Then no look further, because Just Family Fun has designed three Printable Boy and Girl Police Mask Templates, ready for your rookie police officer to print, cut out and wear whenever you need them.

These super masks are brilliant for a ‘people who help us’ topic. Children can learn all about being a police officer whilst having tons of fun!

You can use these fun masks to spark a discussion about the police and their important job.  Try asking the children some of the following questions:

  • Do you know what is involved in a police officer’s job?
  • What color is a police car?
  • Do you know what number you need to dial to call the police?
  • Do you know where your nearest police station is?
  • Can you describe a policeman’s or policewoman’s uniform?
  • Would you like to work for the police when you grow up?
  • What kind of qualities does someone need to be a good police officer?

How to Use the Masks

Our three Printable Boy and Girl Police Mask Templates are also ideal for role-play activities at home or in the classroom.

Children love role-playing, and it’s an excellent way to reinforce their knowledge about a new topic. 

Role-play activities are perfect for encouraging children to use their imaginations and express themselves, whether they want to have fun or take their new role very seriously!

Some exciting role-play ideas to try with our Printable Boy and Girl Police Mask Templates include:

  • Choose one child who will be the “police officer of the day”. That child wears the police mask, and throughout the activity ensures that everyone in the classroom or at home is following the rules – for example, keeping everywhere tidy. If the police officer notices someone has forgotten a rule, they can kindly remind them of the classroom/house rules!
  • You can’t beat a good old-fashioned game of cops and robbers! One child wears a police mask and has to catch the robber, who has stolen something. Once they catch the thief, the police officer arrests them and explains why it’s wrong to steal things. For an extra activity, make a “jail” out of a large cardboard box painted grey with bars cut out.
  • Play a traffic role-play game. You can play inside if you have enough room, but this role-play activity works even better outdoors:
  1. The person wearing the police mask pretends to direct the traffic by calling out instructions. Everyone else has to follow the instructions.
  2. There are three instructions based on the color of traffic lights. If the police officer shouts “red”,  everyone must stop and stand still. If the police officer shouts “amber” everyone has to move slowly. If the police officer shouts “green” everyone can move around quickly.
  3. It’s easy to play this game on foot, or if you’re outside and have plenty of room the kids can play on scooters and bikes.
  4. Play a missing person role-play game. Ask your child to wear a police officer mask. Then describe someone from their class or family by naming their physical characteristics. The police officer has to guess who the missing person is from your description.

Our Police Mask Templates Include

Once you’ve downloaded the mask templates, simply print onto white card and carefully cut out the template. Each design includes a strap to attach to each mask using glue or tape, and the strap can be adjusted so that the mask will fit perfectly! Our Printable Boy and Girl Police Mask Templates are free to download and print, so you can make as many masks as you like.

printable girls police mask
police mask template for children
printable girls police mask


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Rookie cops who want to carry on the police theme can try this fun craft activity from Ginger Casa. There are instructions to make a simple, shiny police badge that complements our Police Mask Templates perfectly!

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