Printable Millimetre Ruler

Printable Millimeter Ruler

Do you need to measure something for a project but have no millimeter ruler to hand? We have just the thing you need, a free printable millimeter ruler!

No last-minute rushing to the store is needed, just follow our easy instructions below and use your new ruler printable straight away, designed for accurate measuring on the go. Perfect for a variety of tasks including crafts, learning projects, or home improvements.

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Ready to download your free millimeter ruler?

  • First select one of the templates as shown in the images below. You can choose from white, purple, pink, green or yellow.
  • Click on your preferred ruler, and it will start to download.
  • Then you are ready to print! Make sure ‘scale to fit’ is not selected to ensure your ruler is to scale. Ready, get set, measure!
millimeter ruler
Download White Ruler
mm ruler actual size
Blue Ruler
millimeter mm ruler
Download Pink Ruler
Printable Millimetre Ruler
Purple Ruler
actual size millimeter printable mm ruler
Download Yellow Ruler

Hints and tips for using your millimeter ruler

Would you like to use the ruler again and again? Why not print your mm ruler on some good quality cardstock paper and laminate it for future use. Perfect for avoiding spills and sticky fingers.

Learning corner

Would you like to incorporate some fun learning into this activity? Why not print our blank millimeter ruler and let the children fill in the numbers themselves or read our interesting metric facts below! A great idea for a class activity or letting your child join in with home improvements.

blank ruler
Download Blank Ruler

About the Metric System

Here are some interesting facts about Metric System for parents and teachers to share with their enthusiastic learners.

  • In 1799, France made history by creating the metric system (the meter), before this was introduced there were at least 250,000 units of measure in France alone, imagine how confusing that would be! The meter became very popular and revolutionised the way we measure forever.
  • The Metric system is now used in every country in the world except the United States, Liberia, and Burma. That’s a massive 192 countries!
  • In the United States, the meter is mainly used by the military, scientists, and industrial workers – who say we can’t learn it too?
  • Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘traveling at the speed of light?’ Well in 1983 it was discovered that the length of the path traveled by light is one meter. Traveling at 1/299,792,458 of a second! That is faster than a blink of an eye!

Handy conversions

              One centimeter = 0.393701 inch (in.)

              One inch = 2.54 centimeters (cm)

              One centimeter = 1/100th of a meter

Now cover the screen, can you remember any of the facts? Why not impress your parent or teacher with what you have just learned.

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