Printable Detective Hat Outlines

Do you have a budding detective in your house or are you looking for free resources for teaching about mysterious stories (Key Stage 2)? If so these detective hat outlines will be perfect.

The outlines are great for creating props, display boards or maybe even writing activities for home or at school. 

The great news is that the hat outlines are free to download and print.

What Can Our Detective Hat Outlines Be Used For?

The creators of Just family Fun have created three different outlines of detective hats for you to choose between.

Our detective hat outlines are ready to use at home or in the classroom in an instant. To begin all you need to do is download and print.

The outlines are perfect to use to create stencils, silhouettes or templates for crafts and DIY activities.

You can also use them as simple colouring pages or decorate them with pieces of tissue paper or material. The decorated detective hats can be displayed, used for fancy dress or in a range of crafts.

If you need some inspiration for activities and crafts you can use the detective hats, we’ve included a few ideas below.

printable hat stencil
detective hat pattern
detective hat stencil

Foam Detective Hat

Print and cut out one of the outlines provided. Use this outline as a template to create a detective hat on some foam. Use some string so you can tie the hat around the head of your budding detective. Alternatively, you could stick a straw or a stick to one side of the hat and the small person could hold the hat up against their head. 

Role Play

Dress up for this role play with colours that match your environment. For example, if you’re in the garden you could try green or brown clothes. Add your foam hat from above and a magnifying glass (if you have one) and you’re ready to go. Here are a few ideas you can recreate at home.  Create

  • a map of the garden or house, and ask your small person to find their way to a small prize or you. Write instructions from a certain position and starting direction, in the garden for them to follow. For example, use instructions such as the number of steps forward, backwards, left or right.
  • a secret code and ask your small person to decipher the code. If you need some ideas on secret codes this wiki has a few.
  • a problem-solving Treasure Hunt.


Finding good quality outlines of detective hats can be difficult, but we’ve come to the rescue and provide three great detective outlines for you to use in our latest resource.

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