Printable Cartoon Bomb Outlines

If you’re looking for a cartoon bomb outline for fun crafts or educational activities, you have landed in the right place as the fun cartoon bomb outlines from Just Family Fun make the perfect resource.

When you think about a cartoon bomb, a black, spherical object about the size of a bowling ball with a slow-burning wick is what springs to mind. If you’re wondering where this image comes from you may be surprised to learn that these drawings are based on real bombs used in the past. Cartoon bombs look just like the iron bombs that were used before contact or proximity fuses for detonating explosive payloads were developed in the mid-19th century. 

What Can Our Cartoon Bomb Outlines Be Used For?

We’ve created three different cartoon bomb outlines for you to

  • use as colouring pages
  • decorate, colour or paint and use in a range of crafts
  • create cartoon bomb templates, stencils and silhouettes to apply fun bomb outline to walls, decor, bags or anywhere you fancy having them.

If you need some inspiration about crafts you can use the cartoon bombs for we’ve listed a few ideas below.

nuclear bomb cartoon
bomb explosion
bomb cartoon

Cartoon Bomb Cookies

If you have a child who loves the cartoon bomb why not make a batch of cookie dough and roll it out.  Using one of the outlines provided as a template to cut around, create a cartoon bomb cookie. Use black icing to decorate the sphere, white icing for the fuse and orange for the explosion.  You could also use a slice of toast or bread for this – cover it with nut butter and jam.

Cartoon Bomb Wall Craft

Print and cut out all three of our bomb outlines. Stick them on cardboard and cut them out. Then using small pieces of black tissue paper cover the spherical part of the bomb. Use orange tissue paper, glitter or sparkles to create the explosion.   Stick your bombs on a yellow background for a traditional cartoon bomb picture.

Bouncing Foam Cartoon Bomb Role Play

Using one of the cartoon bombs as a template, draw a cartoon bomb on a thick piece of foam. Carefully cut out the foam bomb. Then have lots of fun throwing it on the floor, running away covering your ears before the bomb explodes – of course, it won’t really explode because it’s made out of foam.


These cartoon bomb outlines and crafts will be an explosive hit with any child or adult that loves cartoons. Have a brilliant time creating explosive scenes with these outlines when using them as templates, silhouettes or stencils.

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