Printable Penguin Outline Templates

These adorable penguin outline templates make a brilliant resource for those looking for fun crafting activities featuring penguins for Christmas or when learning about animals during Key Stage 1 or living things and their environment in Key Stage 2.

This flightless bird that poo’s every 20 minutes and never farts can be used to teach children about the differences between birds and their habitats or even about the wider world when exploring other countries around the globe and their wildlife.

The free, downloadable and printable penguin outlines can be used for a plethora of craft and educational activities. The great news is that you can download and print as many as you like.

What’s Included In Our Penguin Outline Templates

The designers here at Just Family Fun have created the cutest ever penguin outlines for you to use as a colouring page or for a variety of crafting or educational activities. The adorable black and white outlines feature a penguin

  • sitting down
  • standing up
  • walking away so you just see the back of them.
penguin cut out
penguin stencil
penguin outline drawing

What Can Our Penguin Outline Templates Be Used For?

The three lovable penguin outlines can be used for a plethora of craft activities which can be standalone projects or used as part of educational activity. The outlines can be used as

  • Simple colouring pages that can be pinned to the wall
  • Stencils and templates to place delightful penguin prints on walls, tables, chairs or anywhere you fancy a penguin. They also make great stencils and templates to create wooden penguins from.
  • Cut out and used for a variety of art and craft projects

Waddling Penguin Craft For Kids

This adorable craft is fun to make and play with. Follow the steps below to make this fun craft.

  • First, print out one or more of the free penguins on white paper or cardstock
  • Colour the penguins in and cut them out. Add googly eyes if you fancy
  • Make a spring out of a pipe cleaner by wrapping it around a marker to make a spiral. Remove from the marker and stick to the back of a penguin cutout
  • Using a paper bowl tuned upside, make small holes and poke the pipe cleaner spring through so the penguin stands up
  • Glue cotton wool all over the plate underneath the penguin’s feet
  • Give the bowls a shake and see the penguins wobble.

Sparkly Penguin Christmas Card

These precious Christmas cards will be received with joy by any doting grandmas, aunts or other relatives. Here’s how.

  • Print, colour in and cut out the penguin outline
  • Grab a sheet of paper or card stock, fold it in half – then colour it in different shades of blue for the sea and sky. You could make some rocks or ice for extra decor at the bottom of the page for the penguin to stand on.
  • Stick the penguin onto the background
  • Add liquid glue and glitter to make the card sparkle
  • Open the card and write a lovely Christmas message.


When using the penguin outlines for fun activities it’s a great time to teach your little ones some penguin facts (children learn best when having fun). Here are a few fun facts:

  • The penguin, or to give it its scientific name, Spheniscidae all live in the southern hemisphere except the Galápagos penguins that are found north of the equator on the Galapagos Islands
  • Penguins have special feathers – their colours allow them to blend in with their surroundings and they’re waterproof
  • The penguin is an excellent swimmer reaching speeds of up to 15km per hour
  • They eat fish, crabs, shrimp and squid
  • They live in oceans and near the coast
  • Penguins have flippers instead of wings
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