36 Printable Music Stars – Rebus Puzzles

Hey there! If you had a blast trying to solve our previous 200 rebus puzzles, then you’re in for a real treat! We’ve just whipped up a brand new batch of these fun brain teasers, and this time the theme revolves around music stars.

Each rebus puzzle represents a famous musician or band, and we’ve mixed up different musical genres and stars from throughout the decades for a really fun challenge. There’s a mix of solo music stars and world famous bands, too – perhaps your favorite singer or band will be hiding in one of the puzzles?

rebus puzzles and answers music stars

Our music stars rebus puzzles are perfect for a family games night or party, or as an end-of-term challenge in the school classroom. Some of our rebus puzzles are more challenging than others, so younger children might need a helping hand from a parent or older sibling on some of the trickier ones. And if everyone at home is stuck on any of our music star rebus puzzles, we’ve included the answers too.

Rebus puzzles are lots of fun to solve as a team, so round up your family and friends and get those thinking caps on, because these puzzles are a bit of a challenge. Good luck!

Can You Solve Our Music Star Rebus Puzzles?

We’ve got 36 challenging music star rebus puzzles for you to dive into! All you need is your home PC and a printer to get started. You’ll find them spread across 3 printable pages, each containing 12 musical mystery puzzles for you to solve – enough to keep the whole family entertained for hours. Simply click the download button under each PDF file to save the file to your computer, then print out as many copies as you need.  

Test your wits to see if you can guess which music star or band each puzzle represents, but don’t stress if don’t know them all because we’ve got answer sheets too. If you’re testing the kids in the classroom, they can use their answers to mark their own sheet.

When trying to solve our music star rebus puzzles, remember to look at the shape, placement, size, and colour of the words and pictures and always try to think outside of the box! 

Happy rebus solving!

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