Lion Coloring Pages

Rawwwrrr! Our adorable lion coloring pages can fulfill any kid’s dream to visit African deserts and Indian planes! Our versatile coloring and art sheets with multiple lion designs can be used for birthday parties, classroom fun, quiet afternoons at home, and even in conjunction with educational activities.

Alongside the chance to design and decorate these wild, big cats, your children will gain experience gripping crayons, controlling their muscular movements, and channel their emotions and thoughts through the creative process. There are an endless number of ways to enjoy and learn from our lion coloring pages for kids – just keep reading to find out how!

What’s Included In Our Lion Coloring Pages

This set includes six different black-and-white cartoon lion designs with different clothes and facial expressions. We recommend printing your favorite lion coloring sheet on white A4 paper for most coloring and craft activities. However, smaller sizes may be ideal for the activities below!

Fun Lion Activities to Try:

  1. Learn fun facts about lions, such as…
    “Simba” is the word for “lion” in Swahili!

    Lions are the only cats that live in groups. Tigers, leopards, and jaguars travel and hunt by themselves. Groups of lions are called prides and can maintain up to 30 lions!

    A lion’s roar is so loud, it can be heard by humans from up to 8km (or 5 miles) away.

    Lions are just like enormous house cats. They meow, purr, play, and sleep for around 16-20 hours a day.

    Lions can run at speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour (or 50 miles per hour) and can jump 36 feet forward at a time.

    Only male lions have manes. The older the male lion, the darker the fur in his mane becomes!

    Lions, especially adult males, must eat lots of meat to stay healthy. Generally, lions eat ¼ of their body weight in a single meal – around 40kg for the smallest adults of the pride!

  2. Make coasters
    If your little ones leave drink rings on all the tables at home, help them make their own cup coasters! All you need to do is print your lion coloring pages on A6 paper and color them, decorate them, and design them all you want. Lastly, laminate the coloring sheet and trim the edges to ensure your coaster is your desired size.

    Place your coasters around the house to act as a barrier between drink cups and furniture. If they get wet, the plastic laminate will keep the lion coloring safe. Just wipe your coasters off and reuse them!

  3. Write a letter to the environment
    Some species of lions are endangered, which means there are very small numbers of them living in the wild. Write a letter to the lions on the back of your coloring pages! What is your favorite thing about big cats? How are you going to help the environment so lions don’t go extinct?
  4. Make puppets
    You can make your own 3D puppets out of these lion coloring pages! Carefully, cut out each lion and use it as an outline to cut another piece of paper with exactly the same shape. Line up the edges of your two lion shapes, then carefully glue the edges of the papers together. Remember to leave a gap at the bottom of their feet large enough for your finger or a clean popsicle stick to fit through. Leave the puppets to dry then try them out! Can you make them roar?
  5. Add a 3D lion mane to your coloring page
    If your little ones have mastered the art of coloring with crayons and colored pencils, let them try decorating their lion coloring sheets with other artistic mediums. They can safely use glitter, sequins, snippets of paper, faux fur, string, foam strips, and other household items to create a giant, 3D mane on their lion!


There is no shortage of exciting and realistic coloring pages to enjoy from Just Family Fun. Rainy days will never feel sad and dreary with cartoon lions keeping your company! Check out our other free, printable coloring sets for animal lovers, including but not limited to kittens, elephants, and puppies! You can also visit Just Family Fun or Jump Start for even more family-friendly activities, science experiments, short projects, and fun games!

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