Free Printable Ice Cream Outline

Ice cream goes down a treat any time of day or year. Theses ice cream outline templates from Just Family Fun make a superb resource for crafting activities or educational activities alike.

Whether you use these free printable ice cream outlines for simple colouring sheets or for a range of craft activities they are sure to go down as a real treat with any children.

ice cream outline

What’s Included In Our Ice Cream Outline Templates

We’ve included 3 different ice cream designs. They include

  • Ice cream on a stick
  • Whippy ice cream with a flake on the top (a ‘99)
  • A waffle cone with 2 scoops of ice cream and sauce on the top

Each of the ice creams is drawn in a black outline on a white background. They are size A4.

ice cream outline
ice cream cone outline clip art
ice cream cone outline

What Can Our Ice Cream Outlines Be Used For?

Once printed, these ice cream outlines make brilliant ice cream colouring sheets to use on a sunny day or they can be cut out and used as a base for various craft activities.

They can even be used to create stencils and templates to place on walls, gift cards, wood, doors or anywhere else you fancy some ice cream decor. If you have a party coming up why not turn several of the outlines into ice cream, themed bunting? 

If you need some ice cream craft inspiration here are a few ideas.

Ice Cream Collage

A great craft to practice those scissor skills with.

  • Print and cut out your ice cream outline and set them aside.
  • Colour in your cone or stick with colour pencils
  • Make mosaic tiles by cutting different colours of construction paper into small pieces
  • Cover the ice cream in glue and stick the construction paper to the ice cream
  • Trim any excess construction paper hanging over the edge of the ice cream shape

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone

A cute 3D craft that kids adore.

  • Print, cut out and stick your ice creams onto cardboard
  • Mix some Elmer’s glue with shaving cream until you get “stiff peaks”
  • Add some green (or any colour you fancy) paint or food colouring to the puffy paint
  • Use a paintbrush to paint the puffy paint onto the ice cream shape.
  • Paint the cone and flake differing colours of brown
  • Add glitter for sprinkles once dry

Add Sprinkles

Who doesn’t love ice cream with sprinkles?

  • Print and colour your kid’s ice cream of choice using crayons or felt tips.
  • Use small buttons, glitter, pom poms, stars or balls to make glitter, chocolate chips or sprinkles on the top of your ice cream


On average it takes 50 licks to eat one scoop of ice cream. If you want to practice those counting skills there’s a challenge for your children.

Have fun using the ice cream outlines for crafting activities during the summer, and throughout the year or when celebrating national ice cream day (18th July -UK) or month (July in the UK). 

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