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How well do you know the animals that we share our planet with? Can you identify different creatures from a close-up picture? If you’re an animal lover, we have the perfect quiz for you and your friends. All you need to do is identify each animal by studying a zoomed-in photo, but it’s much trickier than it looks!

We share our world with a vast amount of diverse creatures. Some of these animals, like cats and dogs, are familiar to us and live in our homes. Others are found on farms, in the wild, in the air, and in the sea. We’ve included many familiar animals that you might see all the time and plenty of exotic ones that you might have only seen at the zoo or when watching a wildlife documentary!

Get ready as this entertaining quiz takes us on a journey from our homes and farms, to tropical jungles, the dry lands of Africa, and the deep blue oceans, as we help you test your animal identification skills.

Do you know enough about cats, dogs, and many other animals to correctly guess which is which? Our quiz challenges you to name each creature from just one image, and will really put your animal instincts to the test! Perfect for playing with family and friends, it can also be used as a fun activity in the classroom.

Identifying animals from close-up images is a great way to test children’s memory and practise their animal vocabulary. It’s a great activity for the end-of-term, and the kids can learn more about nature and wildlife whilst still having lots of fun.

If you’re enjoying the quiz with younger children, you can use it to spark a discussion about different creatures and wildlife around the world. Where does this animal live? How big is this animal? What does this animal like to eat?

We’ve included 27 animal close-ups in our super quiz to see how well you can identify animals and wildlife from around the world, from pets to primates and birds to bees. Some of the pictures might be easier to guess than others because of the patterned fur, feathers or other unique features belonging to the animal. Others might make you think twice!

So if you’re ready to show off how much you know about the animal kingdom, take our animal picture quiz now – good luck!

Our Guess The Animal Picture Quiz Contains:

Our Guess the Animal picture quiz consists of three pages, each with nine high-quality, zoomed-in images of animals. There’s space to write your guess on the line beneath each picture.

Each sheet has room to write each person’s name and score, so once they have completed their sheet they can swap with someone else to have their answers marked. We’ve included an answer sheet at the end of the printable .PDF, so if you’re stuck on any images don’t worry!

You can print as many copies of our Guess the Animal picture quiz as you need, so all of your friends and family can have a go and join in the fun.

Our Guess the Animal Picture quiz is lots of fun to play in teams, and you can set a timer to see which team guesses the most animals correctly before the buzzer goes off.

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Was Our Animal Quiz Too Easy?

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