Free Printable Frog Outline Templates

These adorable frog outline templates from Just Family Fun make a brilliant resource for those looking for fun crafting activities featuring frogs for springtime or when learning about penguins as part of Key Stage 1 and Antarctica in Key Stage 2.

This amphibian, which has possibly been around for over 265 million years is a great animal to use when teaching children about life cycles, metamorphosis, reproduction and habitats.

The free, downloadable and printable frog outline can be used for a plethora of craft and educational activities. The great news is that you can download and print as many frogs as you like.

What’s Included In Our Frog Outline Templates

We’ve created three really cute frog outlines.

cute frog outline
frog outline drawing

The black and white outlines feature two frogs sitting down (one has a really big grin on its face) and one swimming. Each frog outline is on a white background. They are size A4 but you can make them smaller using the settings on your printer if needed.

What Can Our Frog Outlines Be Used For?

There are a plethora of craft activities that the frog outlines can be used for. They make the perfect standalone activity when you need 5 minutes peace or can be used as a fun activity when teaching children the curriculum. The outlines can be used as

  • Simple colouring pages
  • Stencils and templates to place frogs on t-shirts, jumpers, walls or pictures.
  • Cut out and used for various arts and craft projects

Moving Tongue Frog

Frogs are carnivores – they eat insects that they catch with their super long, sticky tongue. They also eat invertebrates such as slugs, snails and worms according to the RSPB.

This craft lets you explore the frog’s mealtime – your children will love it! All you need is some cardstock and one of our frog outlines. Follow these simple instructions.

  • Print, colour the frog green and cut out
  • Glue the frog on the cardstock – you could make a lily pad and colour it a darker shade of green if you like.
  • Kids love googly eyes so attach some of these in the correct location if you have some
  • Cut out a strip of pink cardstock (colour some white card in pink if needed) (roughly 0.2 x 8 inches). Wrap one end around a pencil several times to make a spiral. Remove the pencil.
  • Make a cut in the frog’s mouth and place the non-rolled end of the tongue through the hole
  • Use the pink strip at the back to control the frog’s tongue – by pulling the tongue backwards and forwards.

Fun fact: A frog’s tongue can snap back into its mouth within 15/100ths of a second. Its prey doesn’t have a chance to escape.

Flying Frogs

Tissue Paper Frogs

A cute craft that children like is scrunching up pieces of green tissue paper and sticking them down on the frog. It’s a really simple craft that preschoolers and young children alike adore.

Simply print out the frog outlines, cover the frog in liquid glue and stick small pieces of scrunched-up green tissue paper all over the frog. Use a different colour for the eyes.


The activities above are amazing! Whilst you have an awesome time using the frog outlines why not teach your little ones some facts about frogs? Here are a few to get you started.

  1. There are around 7,300 species of frog
  2. Males croak to attract females in spring
  3. Frogs are amphibians – they’re cold-blooded and they hibernate in winter.
  4. Frogs and toads are the same things biologically – toads just have lots of warts
  5. A frog’s ears are just behind its eyes. Males have bigger ears than females.
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