108 Free Printable Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Are you in the mood for some easy Sudoku puzzles to kickstart your brain? No worries—we’ve got just what you need! At JustFamilyFun, we’ve crafted over 100 Sudoku puzzle PDFs that you can easily download and print for free.

If the easy ones are a bit too breezy for you, fear not! We’ve also curated an impressive collection of medium and hard puzzles, ready to challenge you. Happy solving!

easy sudoku puzzles

Download Our Free Easy Sudoku Puzzles

We’ve organized our Sudoku puzzles into sets of 12 per PDF file, providing 6 large puzzles on each page, complete with their solutions. To download, just click the blue download button beneath the puzzle you want. This will open a PDF file that you can either print right away or save to your computer for printing later.

Sudoku Puzzles 1-12

easy Sudoku Puzzles 1-12

Sudoku Puzzles 13-18

easy Sudoku Puzzles 13-24

Sudoku Puzzles 25-36

easy Sudoku Puzzles 25-36

Sudoku Puzzles 37-48

easy Sudoku Puzzles 37- 48

Sudoku Puzzles 49-60

easy Sudoku Puzzles 49-60

Sudoku Puzzles 61-72

easy Sudoku Puzzles 61-72

Sudoku Puzzles 73-84

easy Sudoku Puzzles 73-84

Sudoku Puzzles 85-96

easy Sudoku Puzzles 85-96

Sudoku Puzzles 97-108

easy Sudoku Puzzles 97-108

Even More Printable Sudoku Puzzles

If you enjoyed tackling our easy Sudoku puzzles, you might want to test your skills with our medium-level Sudoku puzzles. Feeling adventurous? Give our hard Sudoku puzzles a shot. And if you’re on the lookout for large-print Sudoku puzzles, we’ve got those too! For an abundance of Sudoku challenges, visit printablecreative.com, where you can generate endless puzzles using their Sudoku puzzle generator. Happy puzzling!

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