Free Message From The Tooth Fairy & Certificate

Are you on the search for a free message from the tooth fairy that’s printable? Well, you’re in luck as we have the perfect free printable message from the tooth fairy for you to leave in exchange for your child’s tooth.

Children are always super excited about a visit from the tooth fairy, especially if they know that a gift is being left. Messages, letters and certificates from the tooth fairy are always well received by children.  

This message, which is on a beautiful blue and purple background features the cutest little fairy in the bottom left corner. The message congratulates the child for looking after their teeth and will encourage them to keep brushing their teeth.

Simply print this adorable message and leave it for your child.

Free Message From The Tooth Fairy
Free Message From The Tooth Fairy

Words On Tooth Fairy Letter

This letter from the tooth fairy has the following wording.

“Dear Fairy Friend,

I must say this is one of the biggest and strongest teeth I’ve ever collected! You did a great job growing this one and looking after it.

I’ll be sure to tell all the other fairies all about you!

Please enjoy the little gift I have left for you.

Love and fairy dust,

The Tooth Fairy”

tooth fairy certificate printable

Matching Tooth Fairy Certificate

The fairies here at tooth fairy printables have created an appealing certificate with a matching design to accompany the letter so you can record the date when this tooth was lost.

It’s a great way to keep track of when teeth fell out. As kids love getting certificates they will treasure this for years to come.

Fun Tooth Fairy Question: Why Does Tooth Fairy Give Money?

The Tooth Fairy is a popular figure in folklore who is said to visit children when they lose their baby teeth. The tradition of the Tooth Fairy varies across cultures and regions, but the concept of leaving a small gift or money in exchange for a child’s lost tooth is common in many Western countries.

The exact origin and reason behind the Tooth Fairy giving money are not well-documented since the concept has evolved over time. However, the practice is often seen as a way to celebrate a child’s milestone of losing a tooth and to provide a positive reinforcement for good dental hygiene.

Here are a few possible reasons why the Tooth Fairy gives money:

1. Symbolic gesture: The Tooth Fairy leaving money is often seen as a symbolic reward for the child’s courage and patience during the uncomfortable process of losing a tooth. It can be a way to acknowledge and congratulate them on reaching this developmental milestone.

2. Encouraging good oral hygiene: The tradition of the Tooth Fairy may have originated as a way to motivate children to take care of their teeth. By associating the act of losing a tooth with a small monetary reward, children are encouraged to maintain good oral hygiene and take pride in their growing teeth.

3. Childhood enchantment: The idea of a magical creature like the Tooth Fairy visiting during the night and leaving a surprise creates a sense of wonder and excitement for children. The monetary reward adds an element of surprise and anticipation, making the experience even more memorable and enjoyable.

It’s important to note that the Tooth Fairy is primarily a fictional character and the act of giving money is a tradition upheld by families who choose to participate. The specific practices and beliefs around the Tooth Fairy can vary between households and cultures, but the overall purpose is usually to bring joy and create positive associations with losing baby teeth.

Fun Tooth Fairy Craft: Tooth Fairy Pouch

If you’re looking to create an adorable tooth fairy pouch, I suggest visiting On their website, you’ll find a fantastic step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the process of making your very own tooth fairy pouch. Head over to and unlock the instructions to build this charming keepsake. Happy crafting!

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