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Bloodsucking, hair grabbing disease carriers are terms that spring to mind when most people think about bats, but when it comes to Halloween these often misunderstood become a focal point of many people’s Halloween celebrations.

If you’re looking for some simple bat outlines to use as stencils or templates for your decorations or craft activities the outlines of bats from Just family Fun will be just perfect for your needs.

The great thing about these bat outlines is that they are free, downloadable and printable.


What’s Included in our bat outlines

Three simple bat drawings that just feature the outline so you can use them for a variety of crafts. We’ve included a bat

  • With its wings outstretched
  • With its wings flapping upwards and one
  • Hanging upside down from a branch
bat flying outline template

What Can Our Bat Outlines Be Used For?

Just like all of our outlines our Bat outlines can be used as

  • Simple Colouring pages
  • Templates for crafting including pumpkins
  • Stencils to draw bats on walls, clothe, pictures etc

Bats are synonymous with the spooky season so the included outline of a bat is perfect for a range of Halloween crafts and activities in October.

However, they’re also the perfect resource to use on April 17th to celebrate Bat appreciation day or any other educational activities about these nocturnal animals.

Hanging Foam Bats

Print and cut out several of the hanging bat outlines, either stick the bat onto foam or use it as a template to draw around to create a foam bat.  Cut out the foam bat.

Add some googly eyes.

Attach some cotton through its feet and hand from a plant, or the ceiling or draw a picture of a tree for them to hang from.

Yarn Bats

Print and cut out the bat outline images that your preschooler or older child likes the best. Grab some black wool and cut it into small pieces. Smear glue all over the bat and cover it with small pieces of black wool.  A great crafting activity.

Bats Flying Across the Moon

Grab a paper plate and colour it yellow.

Print one of the easy to use bat outlines, and add some eyes and pink ears. Colour the rest of the bat black. Cut it out and stick it on the yellow moon.


There are so many crafts and activities you can use these bat outlines for, they’re perfect to use as bat silhouettes, hanging bats or any other crafts you can think of.

If you are using them as fun educational activities these fun facts may come in useful

  • Bats are the only true flying mammals in the world. They’re more closely related to us than a mouse
  • They do lots of good things like controlling the population of insects and mosquitoes.
  • The bat helps to pollinate bananas, breadfruit, dates, guavas and vanilla among others

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