Printable Guess The Animal In Disguise Quiz

Are you an animal lover looking for a fun quiz to test your knowledge and to bamboozle your friends and family? Our Animals in Disguise Picture Quiz features creatures from the animal kingdom as you’ve never seen them before!

All you need to do is guess the identity of the 27 animals in the pictures, but there’s a mysterious twist. You might think you can easily tell a tiger from a lion or a badger from a racoon, but beware – the wonderful creatures featured in this quiz are the ultimate masters of disguise! These animals are doing their best to conceal their true identities by wearing fun accessories such as hats, coats, sunglasses and more.

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We share our planet with a wonderful array of fantastic creatures. Some of these amazing animals share our homes with us, and others live in the wild in the most exotic parts of the world. So get ready to travel the globe as we put your animal identification skills to the ultimate test!

This entertaining quiz is a great way to test children’s observational and problem solving skills. Can they recognise each member of the animal kingdom even though they might look quite different in these funny and adorable pictures? Is there something about each creature that can still help us recognise them, perhaps the markings of their fur or the shape of their face?

Interactive quizzes are a great way to reinforce what children already know and to help them explore a topic further. Every question they take in this fun quiz is helping them learn!

This fabulous fun quiz is available either as an online version or as a downloadable file that you can print out as many times as you like.

Our online Guess the Animal in Disguise Picture Quiz is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and is a quick and convenient option for quizzers who fancy testing their animal knowledge. Our printable Guess the Animal in Disguise Quiz is a great option for classrooms, family parties or for giving to the kids to keep them occupied on rainy days or long journeys.

We’ve designed these tricky questions to stretch your brain and stump your friends, but don’t worry if you get stuck – we’ve included the answers for our Guess the Animal in Disguise Quiz in both the online and printable versions.

So grab your family and friends and get stuck into this fun quizzing experience that’s suitable for players of all ages!

Guess The Animal In Disguise Quiz Online Version

To play our Guess the Animal in Disguise Quiz online version:

  1. Press the Start button to begin. Your first picture of an animal in disguise will appear on your screen.
  2. Type your guess in the answer box.
  3. If you want to check your answer to the question now, click the ‘Check’ button. Or you can wait and see your score at the end!
  4. Use the ‘Next’ button to go through the quiz questions. You can also click on the ‘Previous’ button to go back to any questions you missed or if you want to change your answers.
  5. Once you have answered as many questions as you can, click on the ‘See Results’ button to find out how you did!
  6. If you fancy another go, click ‘Restart Quiz’.

Animal In Disguise Quiz

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